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 “I wanted to combine science and nature using ethical, sustainably sourced bioactive ingredients
to deliver beautiful skincare products that make your skin glow, while being planet conscious.”

What inspired me to start Naya

Our skin is a reflection of what we consume and what happens within and around us. In an ideal world, we'd be eating the right foods, living stress-free lives, doing yoga and meditation every day to feel ZEN, et voilà! Gorgeous skin. But that's not reality and our skin suffers; and it needs a helping hand in the form of the right nutrients to combat life's stressors. Yet, this wasn't enough for me. I wanted something more. I wanted a skincare product that I could feel good about, not only for its effectiveness but for the ingredients used and its cultivation, all the way from production to the final product in the consumers hand.

Feeling emboldened, I started Naya, a brand of skincare that employs scientific knowledge with the best of nature and a good conscience. Working with some of the best formulators, we have developed products that make a transformative difference to people's skin. Sinking deep into the epidermis, our ethically and sustainably sourced bioactive ingredients work their magic to repair, protect and balance the skin from within. Our star ingredient, Cacay Oil, is an amazing powerhouse.

By helping your skin to stay healthy longer, you have the best natural defence against various skin conditions and external environmental triggers. 

"We want to build a community to help us spread the message that intelligent naturally formulated skincare can deliver the healthy glowing skin you've always dreamed of."

Who is Naya Skincare for?

We developed Naya for women and men who seek natural skincare without dubious ingredients. For them, natural plant-based ingredients are paramount, and the science and social good behind it essential.

Our customers are passionate about aromatherapy and love that we use the finest essential oils for a balanced moment between mind & body. A beauty regime is not simply a routine. It is an important moment for us to feel connected to ourselves, and a reminder to take care of our body and mind.

Watch and observe your skin; no one month is the same for our skin with stress, hormones and seasonal conditions constantly challenging the status quo. In fact, the condition of our skin changes throughout the day too. Hence it is important to take the long view on skincare and to be watchful and mindful of your overall wellbeing.

Our approach isn't a quick fix and our customers understand that investing in themselves, just as we invest in our suppliers is a win for everyone in the end. I’m very excited about our journey and believe that once you experience Naya, you will see and feel the difference.

Thank you for taking the time to discover Naya. We hope you share our passion.

With Love