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It is a really lovely smell! The oil has a rich but light texture and is very nice. The oil absorbs into the skin really well, within a few minutes it sinks in which was pleasantly surprising.  Make-up works absolutely fine over this oil as it absorbs so well without leaving any residue. I found this oil works really well day to day. It helped to keep my skin feeling moisturised and comfortable and I’d say it did its job very well. I think my skin did improve after a month, the texture and tone of my skin was much more balanced and my complexion seemed brighter. I found it helped soothe and heal my skin when I had pimples as well as soothing dryness. My skin has felt a lot more supple so the oil lives up to the claim of “regenerating skin”. It’s a gorgeous, understated oil and really lives up claims.

Tester, Free From Awards - Skin Matters

It has a lovely fragrance – citrussy and spa-like.  It absorbed into the skin very well, and didn’t leave the skin greasy.  It performed very well and gave me a lovely glow.  It’s a lovely, natural product that smells gorgeous and actually works!

Laurel, Customer

“With regular use you can expect to see a more natural glow reappear on your skin, something that you notice when looking in the mirror thinking ‘hm, I look good’ to yourself.”

Galina, Journalist and Brand Consultant

“Loving my Naya Everyday Face Oil! It is amazing for my sensitive skin! It is so light and yet so nourishing to the skin ”

Linn, Customer

“I love this oil! I use facial oils a lot and this is the first one I’ve used that is deeply nourishing without feeling greasy. It absorbs really well, well enough to use during the day and wear under makeup which I didn’t think was possible for a facial oil! It smells wonderful and I really like the ethos behind this brand too – a strong 5 stars.”

Kate, Customer

“I absolutely loved how the product arrived and how it was packaged…like I was getting a special birthday present! The texture of the oil is great, and gets absorbed by my dry skin. The smell is also very relaxing. I’ve been enjoying this chemical free, natural, good for my skin facial oil.”

Sugandha, Customer
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