Let’s face it.

There is nothing enjoyable being in a space of claustrophobic proportions together with hundreds of other passengers one has never met before, for hours, 10k feet up in the air, with nowhere to escape. For those suffering from actual claustrophobia this is the ultimate nightmare. However, the excitement and the reward that awaits on the other side far outstrip those emotions.

So how can one make it a bit more comfortable in such an extreme environment and not the most conformable one? Having been on a recent long-haul flight crossing the Atlantic, we thought it was time to write down our top tips how we make a flight more comfortable for us.

Please note, comfort is a very personal thing, based on people’s preferences. Ultimately, these are our experience that we collected at Naya HQ based on having cumulatively travelled to over 60 countries.

1 Mindset

Simply accepting the fact and agreeing that this will not be a 5 start resort trip but that time will pass by as well and the 5 star resort might wait on the other side or another adventure and realizing the award that one receives at the end of the journey. Balance the good with the not so good. And like most things in life, it balances itself out again. This is the base to start from to getting into the right headspace for a long-haul flight.

2 Keep hydrated

And we don’t mean with alcohol! Ideally you will be well hydrated before you get onto the flight and keep hydrating throughout your flight. It’s like being in a sky desert where the humidity hovers around 10-20% drier than the Sahara which can lead to dry skin and eye irritation. (Aerospace Medical Associaton, 2017) This is due to the airplane’s air circulation ultimately speeding up the dehydration of your body & skin. Women can lose up to 1.6 liters of water while men can lose 4% of their bodily water. (Aerospace Medical Associaton, 2017) You don’t want to look like a shrivled prune coming out on the other side when you arrive. How much is the ideal amount to stay hydrated then? According to the Aerospace Medial Association ideally we drink about eight ounces of water for every hour you are in the air. This is equivalent to 250ml of water. If you feel a bit cold and like a warm drink, have a coffee or a tea. After all coffee is made of water as well. The only belief is that one isn’t sure how clean airplane water is. Some flight attendants won’t even dare to drink the coffee and tea (which is another story all together). Stay away from too many sugary drinks as well ensuring you will maintain a consistent blood-sugar and avoid any highs and lows. Those roller-coaster rides add additional stress to your body in such an environment and you want to be gentle and look after yourself. And it is not only about keeping well hydrated – drinking regularly, gets you up and moving. It is easy to just sit there for 11+ hours and not move. So get up and shake that booty.

3 Skincare: Face Oils

We also need to look after our skin due to the dry air. The ideal product for such extremes are oils that are rich in vitamins, locks in the moisture to maintain a nice moistured barrier and protect your skin from within.  Even facialists swear by the power of oils! Check out the article in the Vogue. So keep an eye out when we launch so you can snuck up a great travel-buddy for your next trip.

4 Pick your seat

There is an art where to sit and where it is most comfortable to be. Do keep an eye on www.seatguru.co.uk to get good tips and some insight. On a recent fight to India, we looked at the BA cabin and thanks to some helpful reviews we avoided a row of seats that were not declining all the way. Try to not sit to close to the toilets. No one enjoys the constant smell of an urinal and also there will be a lot of passenger / stewardess traffic around those areas. Be as far at the front as possible a) it is quieter and b) you are quicker at immigration office before the queue has reached a new record length. Finally, do you prefer aisles or window seat? It has both it’s advantages and disadvantages. Most of the time, we prefer aisle seaton short-haul flights and a window one on long-haul flights.

5 Snacks

We all know it and probably since the famous post of the passenger asking Richard Brandson if he would eat his airplane food. The food needs to made tasty (salts) and lifespan extended (preservatives) and other arifical additives. It isn’t the best and also the amount of food given to you in comparison to you moving isn’t balanced. Pack some healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, homemade energy balls, healthy bars or some fruit. This will keep you satisfied throughout the flight. Some swear as well to fast throughout the entire flight as it apparently helps to overcome the jetlag quicker. (Harvard Review, 2009) And pack that bar of dark chocolate (min of 80%) to keep those endorphins flowing.

6 Your holding luggage

Here is our list of the top ten items that we back in our holding luggage.

  • Bring a good book (if you like to read)
  • Your own entertainment suite from movies on your tablet to music. We recommend some mindfulness / meditation songs as well to calm the nerves and help to get some rest and sleep.
  • Bring charging cables for your devices. You dont want to run out of juice in the middle of a special movie moment.
  • Warm socks. It gets a bit cold in particular if you sit next to the window and when you get tired.
  • Slippers – we swear by Mahabis. Great way when you need to walk those ailes and quickly jump into some comfy shoes.
  • Scarf !!
  • Eye mask and ear plugs to tune out some of the noise and light.
  • Or noise cancelling headphones – our favourites the new Sennheiser, supporting an undisturbed flight.
  • Pen – you will need it for the custom forms and sudoku ;)
  • Airplane kit incl toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, deo some face wipes to freshen up.
  • And of course, last but not least – our facial oil! ;)

What else would you add to that list?

Happy traveling !!

Yours, Naya Team xx