//Be the change.

Be the change.

Naya is the first skincare company to industrialize Cacay in partnership with our manufacturing partner and local farmers in South America. Cacay, an Amazon tree that produces highly nutritious nuts has many benefits from top to root, the inside out and outside in.

Our mission in partnership with our manufacturer is to establish Cacay as an alternative for sustainable economic development. We oversee the whole value chain from wild harvesting to collaboration with farmers where we conduct awareness campaigns to share the potential of Cacay and further prevent its loss for e.g. as firewood. Through wild harvesting and reforestation, we are generating income for farmers and indigenous families within conflict zones.

In partnership , we are promoting to reforest hectares of Cacay in the Amazon region involving:

  • Farmers and indigenous communities, through NGOs and state-supported social programs, as an alternative for illicit crops and to generate development in far away regions.

  • Farmers and investors for the establishment of commercial plantations to enhance the supply, generate scale and strengthen the industry.

Naya is a company committed to giving back. We apply Fair Trade principles in order to increase local communities’ welfare, and we promote Eco-Friendly practices to minimise our impact on the ecosystem. We love the world we live in and we want to make a true difference to your skin and the environment we source from.

Naya’s mission is reinforced with transparency and accountability, and a triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Change is good. Be the change (you want to see).

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