//We are Zero Plastic Certified

We are Zero Plastic Certified

At Naya, we are committed to our values reflecting on how we formulate our products. We use natural ingredients, no petroleum derivates, alcohol, DEA or any other ingredients that has neither to do anything on our skin nor in our skincare. And overall, we never ever use plastic microbeads in our products. Our Free From ingredients promise which is our mantra and can be found on our website and packaging confirms what we stand for. We thought this wasn’t enough though and we have recently gained recognition from the Beat the Microbead campaign making a pledge that we never have and never will use plastic in our products. We are now proud to display the ‘Zero Plastic Inside’ logo on our website and on our packaging.

Our founder, Sarah is a passionate diver having had the privilege to dive in some of the most amazing resorts and national parks thus the Ocean and its habitants are dear to her heart.

The conversation about plastic is growing, and we are proud to use recycled UV protected amber glass as our main packaging throughout the range. In addition, our packaging is recyclable and tree-free not having harmed any tree in the process. We are also making a pledge to ensure any plastic we do use is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

We are also working on an exciting partnership in this space and look forward to sharing more with you soon.

What can you do today to help our Ocean and reduce your plastic consumption?

Naya Team x

Image Source: Justin Hofman
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