//Stop animal testing and choose cruelty-free skincare

Stop animal testing and choose cruelty-free skincare

The point of testing cosmetics on animals – especially with all the technology and science we have at our disposal is simply something that we don’t understand. We can 3-D print a heart valve or an ear, we can re-create cells, clone sheeps and still with all this innovation we have in place, we must inject a population of mice with a substance until 50% of them die – to ensure that an ingredient is non-toxic. 

Sadly, laws around this topic are archaic. It is upsetting to observe that the United States – along with a majority of countries – has not banned this outdated practice altogether. It is even scarier that a few countries actually mandate animal testing for all cosmetics before sold within their country. With China being one of the bigger countries that have this requirement in place. Furthermore, there is little policy around testing practices so many of these experiments are far from humane.

Besides, with a multitude of very safe, highly efficacious ingredients to pick from, why must we dabble in the very many unknowns that come with highly synthetic, chemically-laden products? We agree that some of these results are non-negotiable, and some results are actually so minute that you won’t see without a magnifying glass but decades of experience has shown us – unequivocally – that they can be achieved without chemicals that cause harm to animals and risk to our bodies and health. The choice you have to make is not between getting results and taking a stand against cruelty – it’s about asking yourself why you would choose to support a brand that still tests on animals, and is it what the brand stands for you support or the insecurity the brands triggers within you makes you want to buy the product. After all, we cannot stop gravity taking its toll on us starting from the day we are born. We can choose though how we take care of ourselves and who we support. 

In the UK, we are facing the same debate with leaving the EU and thus some of the law behind.

Michael Gove’s commitment that “we need to be in a position as we leave the European Union to be leaders in environmental and in animal welfare” is to be welcomed (UK-US trade deals would not allow chlorinated chicken imports – Michael Gove, 26 July). Since 2013, the EU has banned the sale within its borders of cosmetics tested on animals. Time and again, the public has expressed its abhorrence of cosmetics animal testing. Consumers need similar reassurance from ministers that a quick trade deal with the US – where cosmetics animal testing is still permitted – will not result in any weakening of this sales ban and that cruel cosmetics will remain a thing of the past.

Consumer trends around cruelty-free, vegan, and vegetarian demand for beauty products to meet their needs. In response, seeing that 80% of governments still have no bans on animal testing in cosmetics, isn’t acceptable as since 2013, when the EU banned sales of cosmetic tested on animals, it has proven that it is able to go cruelty-free and still continue to innovate, thrive and grow without animal testing.

There does seem to be a change on the horizon. China starts to open up to test cosmetic that doesn’t involve animals. Amanda Nordstrom, company liaison for PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program, says she is optimistic the Chinese government, with the help of the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, “will end its requirements for tests on animals for cosmetics in the near future.”

At Naya, we are against animal cruelty and see it as a completely outdated practice. We think the following facts might sway you to choose cruelty free makeup and skincare and to continue support or start supporting cruelty-free alternatives that are natural and good for your body, soul and mind. 

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