//Why botanical oils meet your daily skin care needs

Why botanical oils meet your daily skin care needs

Our skin naturally produces oil to hydrate it and provide it with the nutrients it needs to protect it from external aggressors. This helps to keep skin plump and smooth. Over time, this natural oil production can be disrupted where it goes off balance, leading to blemishes, acne, eczema and other skin disorders. As we age, hormonal changes can cause an increase in sebum production. Our increasingly polluted environment, a less than optimal diet and the many skincare and body products that we use are also contributing factors.

This is when our skin needs us most! We need to support our skin by adding or supplementing nutrients that are being stripped away faster than they can be naturally replaced, to maintain the skin’s elasticity and regeneration process. Healthy skin radiates a healthy glow.

Plant oils are rich in nutrients – the types that do wonders for the skin. Using the right oil will help keep your skin supple and healthy, and there’s an oil for you no matter your skin type. Naya’s range of products is formulated with pure botanical oils that are rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids, which help to restore the skin’s own oil production. Our products contain bioactive ingredients, are 100% natural, ideal for the daily needs of our skin and suitable for all skin types. They do not leave a greasy shine and sink quickly into the skin where the nutrients are needed. 

Take a closer look at our Everyday Face Oil with pure Cacay Oil. Its high efficacy means you only need a small amount to see a glowing difference.

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We use true botanical oils which help to balance the skin’s natural sebum production to provide the hydration and nutrition the skin needs without leaving any shine behind. All our oils are non-comedogenic which means they don’t clog your pores. The botanical oils we source are also pure without additives (i.e. animal fats, other preservatives, etc.) sourcing it from high-quality providers. Perfect for oily and combination skin as the oils sink quickly into the skin rebalancing and protecting it from within.

Our products are known for their anti-ageing qualities particularly due to our star ingredient, Cacay Oil. Cacay is naturally rich in retinol (Vitamin A), the only ingredient that has been proven to fight fine lines. Cacay oil is also very rich in Vitamin E, a well-known antioxidant, making it a very stable oil that also helps the skin to fight free radicals. It activates the skin’s natural renewal process and rebuilds/replenishes skin tissue, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles while keeping the skin supple and smooth. Apply our oil generously on targeted or dry areas around the lips and forehead.

Naya’s products provide intense hydration and can be used for very dry skin twice a day. Our skincare is rich in antioxidants including but not limited to Vitamin E, which helps to naturally protect, repair and replenish moisture levels in the skin from within. We use active botanicals that support other ingredients to sink deeply into the skin where they can make the most difference.

Our ingredients are high in Linoleic Acid (Omega 6). Cacay Oil, which has several fatty acids, has more than 70% of Linoleic Acid. This hydrates and reduces redness while nourishing, healing, moisturising and improving the skin’s elasticity. We also use bioactive ingredients that calm the skin and support its repair process. The essential oils we use make up less than 1% of our products and are suitable for sensitive skin unless you have an allergy and been tested by your dermatologist.



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