Besides the fact that people take a lot less notice of you than you’d ever think, here are five very good reasons why you should follow your dreams even when (and especially when) others do not approve.
It’s your life, beautiful.
Will the people who disapprove of your choices pay your bills? Will they be your therapist when you suffer from discontent and regret? Will they be there to hold you when you break down one day, walking home (in the rain) from your unfulfilling job in five, 10, 25 years?
What do you think ?
Don’t let them influence your choices that will impact your future. No two people are the same – we are unique in our competition, value set, DNA and the desires we have and the dreams we are dreaming of. No one can see into your heart – only you. Only you know what matters to you, and the same goes for everybody else.
Naysayers are projectors.
People who are unsupportive are often in delusion or denial about their own decisions. OR they are making a decision based on their story, their past. People will either support you, be indifferent to you, or disagree with you. Only the supportive people count. Surround yourself by people that aspire you to be the better YOU. People that inspire you – the multiplier-effect works wo