Take time for you

The start of the new year can be a time with a mixture of feelings. Whether it’s a newfound resilience, a renewed vigour, or sometimes the guilt that comes with new year’s resolutions. The pressure of commitment to doing a dry January, going vegan or joining the gym to get rid off all the extra pounds we gained during the season of indulgence. Which we probably still yarn for having been gone by all too soon. But then again, who puts you under pressure to commit to something. But yourself. Do you believe in resolutions or actually setting yourself goals you want to get close to this year?

The time between Christmas and New Year

During this season, when winter is starting to be in full swing and the evenings are still dark, the weather gets even colder. It can be challenging to get yourself out of this time between Christmas and New Year. Where we are almost in a time-capsule reflecting upon the old year, welcoming the new year but yet not quite ready to start into it in full swing.  And at the same time, we want to stay in this moment for as long as possible. Being with our loved ones, eating delicious food, indulging & letting go, and maybe for some curling up on the sofa in front of the fireplace. It is a difficult time to make a change or even to commit to anything specific.

You are not alone if you feel you are struggling during this time of the year and it is also understandable. So rather being hard on yourself, it is the perfect time to think about self-love and self-care. And how this year you can do this little bit more of connecting with your mind and skin via beautiful rituals.

Our new Facial Collection

We are excited to launch our new Facial Collection to use at home this year. A treat that feels like you are in a Spa. Nourishing your skin & soul with high-quality botanicals and Green Science to give your skin the nutrients it needs.

We are here to guide you bringing back your glow from within 2019 and developing a deeper and closer connection with yourself. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Love, the Naya team xx