At Naya, we believe that skincare is truly an expression of self-care. At the same time, we also believe that skincare is a holistic approach. As it allows you to connect with yourself and you commit to yourself to practice self-love everyday.

According to @huffpost, any act of skincare can be considered self-care. This is because “There is something slightly meditative about just sitting there and taking that 10 minutes just for you”.

But how to best look after your skin and do the right things? As there are so many messages and also conflicting messages out there making it hard to make an informed decision.

Hydration Phase

The phase we want to talk to you about today is the hydration phase. And which we think is probably the most crucial and overlooked step to achieving clear, glowing and youthful looking skin. Hydration is paramount. In particular in the world we are living in where people live in urban and polluted cities.

In order to hydrate the skin in an appropriate way one needs to understand the difference between moisturising and hydrating. There have been many blog posts about this very subject. And we wanted to consolidate the information and simplify it.

Meaning of ‘Moisturising’ mean?

The term “Moisturising” in reference to the skincare does not mean that ‘moisture’ is actually infused into the skin. ‘Moisturising’ is about oil / lipids that are applied to effectively seal in the actual “water = moisture = hydration” into the skin. Thus the hydration in your skin does