Biodegradable plastics have been around since the late 1980s. This isn’t a new topic, but a topic that has been around for a while. Biodegradable plastic has initially been marketed with the implied promise that they’d somehow disappear once they were disposed of, just as leaves on the forest floor are decomposed by fungi and soil microbes. However, it hasn’t work out according to this promise and has added to our growing plastic problems on landfills. And if you throw some biodegradables or bioplastic in with recyclables, you impact the recycling process of traditional plastic, creating a mix that can no longer be relied on to make durable new plastic. Ultimately, turning a once positive intent into a much harder challenge to put a stop to.

Our research so far

A few things we have learned from researching the web to better understand packaging alternatives to offer even more sustainable solutions to our consumers and be part of a circular economy. With the big