My first encounter with Oil Cleansing 

I discovered oil cleansing a few years ago when I went on an Ayurvedic Retreat to conduct a Panchakarma. During the Panchakarma, Oil is a key ingredient from oil pulling, dripping massages, body oil massages and of course face oil massages.  At first, I was hesitant, having blemish prone skin, as I was concerned I would break out. However, talking through it and understanding the physiology of the skin, as the skin produces sebum, our natural skin oil, to moisturise and protect itself, it started to make sense. Some oils even mimic sebum such as the Meadowfoam and Jojoba Oil which have a similar molecular structure to sebum or in other words has the perfect balance between oleic and linoleic acid.

Like attracts like

A little later when back in London, I experienced a bad break-out having gone through a particularly stressful time in my live. So I decided to go see an esthetician. She walked me through what she would be using such as natural oils, nut butters and also some of her own creations. I was nervous at first but the result days after, reinforced what I experienced all these years before. And brought back those memories from what I learned. She explained to me that likes attracts like. The oil applied to the skin has the ability to attach to unwanted, imbalanced sebum and draw dirt and impurities with it. But also, oily skin and skin more prone to blemish means that it lacks Linoleic Acid.

But, what about blemish-prone skin?

Even I suffered from blemish prone skin. Before everyone said to me to dry blemishes. No! The problem when you have blemish prone skin is that your skin suffers from increased sebum production and an impaired skin barrier. The increase in sebum is explained that your skin lacks linoleic acid and also moisture. Thus your skin tries to compensate for the lack of it and produces more of our natural oil than healthy balanced skin. Ultimately, clogging the pores leading to blemishes or worse acne. By using oils, to clean your face, you give lipids back to your skin and by adding water you are