Moisture-Binding with Anti-Microbial Characteristics 

Our Everyday Glow Serum & Day Cream  is a water / oil emulsion. Because it contains water, microorganisms can potentially live in it. Therefore, we must preserve our cream to offer to our customers safe products. This means we need to prevent bacteria and fungi from multiplying in the water / oil emulsion. However, we do not want conventional preservatives such as bacteriocides and fungicides. These work in very small quantities, but have no benefit for the skin – on the contrary. They can cause more harm from triggering allergies and drieness.

What is Pentylene Glycol (Pentyleneglycol)

Pentylene glycol is an antimicrobial, chemically produced emulsifier that has been in the German Drug Codex since 2009. However, it is not only approved in Germany, but now also approved worldwide as a cosmetic active ingredient. Originally it is based on the unripe juice of sugar beets, meanwhile, the synthetic production is standard.

It is used more frequently in cosmetic products today, but there are many other uses. The substance has both moisture-binding and antimicrobial properties. As a dihydric alcohol, it prevents in a certain concentration that multiplying of undesirable microorganisms. For example, we also know this effect from brandy with a high alcohol content, which does not need to be preserved and is even suitable for disinfection. Normally, microorganisms develop very quickly in cosmetic products such as water / oil emulsions, so that suppliers have to do their utmost to rule out the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. However, conventional preservatives are of no use to the skin. On the contrary, in many cases they can even cause harm. At NAYA, at the core, we want to produce safe products to put the mind of our customers at ease.

Pentylene glycol, on the other hand, is classified neither as hazardous to health nor as toxic because the substance can not be detected in urine and human tissue. It is therefore considered safe. Thanks to its very good compatibility, sensitization of the skin is virtually eliminated. Another immensely important advantage of pentylene glycol is that, in contrast to conventional alcohol, no dehydrating effect occurs even at a higher dosage.

Due to the double functionality (on the one hand as a humectant and on the other hand the antibacterial effect) pentylene glycol is not listed as a classic preservative in the ‘Kosmetikverordnung’. This means that NAYA products are labeled as “free of preservatives” and the requirements of the Cosmetics Regulation are still adhered to.

In any case, classic preservatives are suspected of causing or promoting allergies. Pentylene glycol, on the other hand, is a gentle alternative with a low risk of allergy. The substance has proven itself in many high-quality cosmetic products and can be optimally integrated into many formulations.

Pentylene glycol in Cosmetics

Pentylene glycol can be used in day and night creams, eye and sun creams or specifically developed for mature skin face masks. Since the substance is able to optimally bind water and thus supply the skin with specific moisture, it is ideal in everyday skincare. The skin is hydration-binding and much better with regular use of appropriate preparations. The skin feels plumper