Our skin between 20 and 30

By the beginning of 20, our skin is youthful and fresh. And this is how it should stay for a long time … but we usually do not think much about sustainable skincare. We want to enjoy life – holidays in the sun, parties till 5am, fast food and a bit of smoking …

Those who do nothing now lay the foundation for a bad skin condition in old age and later need “repair” products, regular visits to the beautician and special products to stop the damage.

How do I preserve my youthful skin?

The recipe is a healthy lifestyle, consistent cleansing and moisturizing.

The skin should be gently cleansed daily with a cleansing milk morning and evening. So the skin is gently freed from make-up residues, dust and other environmental pollutants.

In the morning after cleansing apply a light day cream with SPF 20 and in the evening (again after cleansing) a light night cream. That’s all.

If they still have bad skin or acne in their twenties, they still use a tonic with salicylic acid to clear the skin and do not apply any creams, but care gels.

If you want to do something good for your skin, apply a gentle exfoliation once a week and treat yourself from time to time with a moisturizing mask or a clearing mask.

Our skin between 30 and 40

In our thirties, our skin gradually loses its elasticity, the first wrinkles appear on the forehead and between the eyes. The facial expressions around the mouth are becoming increasingly visible. We are starting to look more wiser… :)

The metabolism slows down and the skin now needs 40 days for complete regeneration. The self-protection of the skin decreases and our skin becomes drier and more sensitive.

In some cases, a gray, dull complexion is added.

More care is worthwhile …

During this time, more care is worthwhile. The Ritual of the Twenties will continue to exist – twice a day the skin is gently cleansed with a gentle cleanser. The day cream can now be a bit richer and omega fatty acids will rebuild our skin from 30-40 inside. A UV protection of 20, in day care, is essential and prevents the UV-induced aging of the skin. After cleansing, an effective and vitamin-rich with hyaluronic acid serum can also be used under the actual day care to nourish the skin and make it appear rosy. In the evening, a rich night cream, ideally with hyaluronic acid and panthenol, should be used to help the skin regenerate and remain its elasticity and accelerate collage rebuilt.

Once or twice a week a mask or, if necessary, a peeling can be done.

The weekend can also be used for a cure in the form of an ampoule with highly concentrated vitamins and natural oils. So they pamper their skin and make them fit again for the hard everyday life.

In winter, they can also use a rich day cream without UV protection during the day or combine your day cream with a Face Oil, so as not to endanger vitamin D synthesis in the skin. The greasier products now protect against cold air outdoors or very dry air in the office.

Our skin between 40-50

We still feel young and vital and yet you can see our skin in the 4th decade of life already on the tracks. The skin becomes dryer, flaky, the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are deepened and the skin becomes greyish. The first pigment spots appear, red veins become visible and pimples can appear again due to the hormone change.

Our cells no longer produce so much collagen, the skin loses moisture faster and sebum production is reduced by up to 50%. Our facial features relax.

Now our skin needs a lot of moisture and fat

The cleaning should be done with a surfactant-free, moisturizing cleansing milk. Regular masks, cures with ampoules or even skin oils should be on the program.

UV protection should remain in focus, but additional free radical scavengers (antioxidants) should now be included. Our skin is even more sensitive and the sun’s rays dry the skin even more. A night cream with precious natural oils, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and micronutrients should be used from now on.

A skin analysis or the regular visit of a beautician give the assurance to do the right thing for the skin.