We are super excited to introduce you YLUMI.

We always think that the founders never get the credit they deserve and stay in the unknown. As simply they are running the day to day and are wearing many hats and simply sometimes don’t have the time to peak from behind the curtain to say ‘hi’. Thus we wanted to introduce you to the founder behind YLUMI as they are the heart and soul behind this beautiful collection of supplements based on ancient Chinese Medicine. It is a personal story that we will take you on. So please read on to learn more about this beautiful brand and hope you fall in love with their product as much as we did. And for a chance to WIN our giveaway we partnered on is still open <3 And if you want to learn more about our founder Sarah, please click here.

What inspired you to start YLUMI? 

YLUMI emerged from my own desperate search for a product that is based on approved traditional herbs, vital mushrooms and vitamins and pursues a holistic approach balancing body, mind and soul while meeting the highest quality standard. I founded it together with my brother about 2 years ago after a rheumatic disease, since adaptogens and vital mushrooms were my “game changer” and I wanted to give other people access to approved adaptogenic herbs.

The mission of YLUMI is to transfer powerful ancient adaptogenic herbs into the modern era in a convenient way to provide health, inner balance and beauty. We believe that only when the connection between body and soul is in balance, a person can really shine from within. In order to shine externally, we need to take care of both, body and soul and this is exactly what YLUMI is about.

What makes YLUMI unique? 

The formulas. We work with a team of experts and create formulas which are based on the wisdom of ancient wisdom and traditional chinese medicine and combine them with modern science. In sum we offer approved adaptogenic blends based of traditional chinese herbs and vital mushrooms in combination with essential vitamins and minerals as well as modern ingredients to nourish and elevate body, beauty and mind from within.

Every product is produced in Germany with high quality, certified and low-allergen raw materials, is 100 % vegan, free from pesticides and heavy metals, without the use of preservatives, colorants or chemical sweetener as well as free from lactose, gluten, nuts and soy.

We are also still a family run business with strong visions and principles: The health and wellbeing of our customers is priority for us.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

From strong women and visionaries, people who are passionate about something and want to make a positive change or/and have a positive impact on people, society and our environment. Also from my family and friends, I’m a philantroph and love humans (all beings) and think we should support each other more to develop and unfold.

Where do you see YLUMI from now in 5 years time? 

I see it as a global acting company run by people who are passionate and full of heart-power. I would like to open an YLUMI store with an integrated YLUMI smoothie/café. We actually have so many ideas regarding products based on herbs – I cannot wait J I am really glad and thankful my brother supported me from the beginning and so happy that Helena joined us this year as she has a heart of gold and pursues the same philosophy. We also want to give something back (donate parts of our income) and take social responsibility in the near future.

During your journey, there are ups and downs working in a start-up. What keeps you going when you hit a low? 

Ohh it’s a constant up and down. But what keeps me/us going are the people around. My brother or Helena – we are a strong ally:) Also the feedbacks of our customers, the reviews and experiences just encourage us to go on every day. We have customers who order YLUMI since day 1 and still do so, as YLUMI really changed their life and now it’s part of their daily routine. To read their experiences melt my heart, it just makes me happy that we could help people to feel better and in balance.

What does self-care mean to you? 

Self-care for me means taking care of myself on the most fundamental levels. To take time for myself consciously in the hectic daily routines, learning to say „no“ to things I don’t feel. Knowing myself and my limits. So for me it’s about taking myself and needs (physical, emotional, spiritual) „serious“ so I can take care of others too.

How do you de-stress from work? 

Besides YLUMI I am also a singer and musician. Best way to relax for me is to sing and dance. But also yoga helps a lot. Nature, spending time with myself lying on the floor :)

What is your favourite recipe using YLUMI products? 

I like it easy and convenient: I love the PURIFY formula, we offer them in capsule (PURIFY CAPSULES) and powder form (PURIFY SPARKLE) and I need my PURIFY MILK in the morning. The formula tastes a bit „herbal“ but I love that taste. Mixed in ricemilk in the morning it is wonderful. I also love our COCO BEAUTY SPARKLE – the beauty formula for skin and hair, it comes with a slight taste of coconut and is sweeter. I love them both and switch daily to be honest.

For the YLUMI morning milk all you need is rice- or oatmilk and a mixer or milk frother. I have an automatic milk frother: I just fill in rice milk, 1 measurement spoonful of PURIFY SPARKLE (or COCO BEAUTY) and let it foam for 1 minute. Then I pour it into a cup, sit down and drink it in little sips. Try it, you will love it <3

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All images from YLUMI.