And an even Greener & Brighter Christmas

– This Christmas, we plant trees on your behalf! –

NAYA – a Committed Beauty Brand, we want to make it a sustainable one. “How are you doing this”?, you might be wondering. Here is our list:

  1. We are partners of the Woodland Trust: The paper we use for our outer carton is from FSC certified forest managed by the Woodland Trust. Each time we buy paper from them, a tree is being planted.
  2. Glass: All our products come in Amber Glass that you can reuse, upcycle or recycle.
  3. You wonder ‘what about the Plastic Lid?’: We launched a Refill Service, so you can re-use your plastic lid from a previously bought NAYA product.
  4. Gift Box: Our Gift Sets come in a beautiful white carton from recycled paper that you can re-use many Christmases to come.
  5. Labels: The Label on the Gift Box has been made from paper bought from the Woodland Trust. So we keep planting trees on your behalf !

Overall, since we launched our Nursery Project each order we receive, we invest back into the communities we work with in Colombia. So each time you buy from us, we keep planting trees to give back to nature! Join the band and let’s make this Christmas an even greener one !!

NAYA is a committed beauty brand. Committed to you to transform one skin at a time. And committed to nature to give back what we take out. Let’s be a collective force of good. #committedbeauty

What might be the right gift for a loved one?

When you’re shopping for friends and family this season we have created some gift sets to find the right combi for the one you are shopping for.


The NAYA Christmas Sample Selection is for those friends and loved ones that want to start to tip their toes into natural beauty. A little taster, as they are yet not fully committed and want to give it a go.

Shop the NAYA Christmas Sample Selection here. 

NAYA Christmas Sample Collection


The Overnight Treatment Collection is for those friends and loved ones that after a long night out, want to look fresh and glowing come the next morning. And leave all that was yesterday behind. These two products work in tandem to provide your skin the nutrients it needs. And are suitable for all skin types. The Best bit about them, you can use the Serum and the Face Oil in combination or you can use one or the other during your morning routine or evening routine. PS: The Serum works beautifully under makeup, creating a natural glow.

Shop the Overnight Treatment Collection here. 

NAYA Christmas Overnight Treatment Collection


So many of us want glowing skin. In particular during a season where we end up at a lot of gatherings and parties. We want to look fresh and in style with the season: glowing!  And if you have a friend or loved one whose goal is exactly that, then our two Face Oils are the perfect gift – Cacay Face Oil Collection. Featuring our award-nominated Everyday Face Oil and our brand new RENEW Cacay Oil + A. This set contains everything you need for nourished, glowing and hydrated skin. And the best bit, the Everyday Face Oil is a perfect primer for under your make-up. Keeping your skin nicely hydrated throughout the day without being greasy.

Shop the Cacay Face Oil Collection here. 

NAYA Christmas Cacay Facial Oil Collection


Baby it’s cold outside and our skin needs some extra TLC during the colder winter months.  This Collection is the perfect gift for your friend or loved one who needs a Protective Shield over their skin during those extra colder months. And for those that love hugging the Radiator! Products that provide enough protection and work in tandem to maintain a hydrated and radiant skin glow throughout the day without your skin ever feeling dry.

Shop the Winter Daytime Facial Collection here

NAYA Christmas Winter Daytime Facial Collection


Shopping for the Skincare Lover at this time of year is easy, and at NAYA we have made it even easier with our Everyday Cacay Routine. This collection features the Everyday Protective Day Cream (50ml), Everyday Cleansing Oil (50ml), Everyday Glow Serum (30ml), Everyday Face Oil (30ml), and a Muslin Cloth. To create the perfect skincare routine Everyday.

Shop the Everyday Cacay Routine here. 

Everyday Cacay Routine

If you have any questions, we are here to help.


NAYA Christmas Overnight Treatment Collection


NAYA Christmas Sample Service Collection


NAYA Christmas Cacay Face Oil Collection


NAYA Christmas Winter Daytime Facial Collection