And an even Greener & Brighter Christmas

– This Christmas, we plant trees on your behalf! –

NAYA – a Committed Beauty Brand, we want to make it a sustainable one. “How are you doing this”?, you might be wondering. Here is our list:

  1. We are partners of the Woodland Trust: The paper we use for our outer carton is from FSC certified forest managed by the Woodland Trust. Each time we buy paper from them, a tree is being planted.
  2. Glass: All our products come in Amber Glass that you can reuse, upcycle or recycle.
  3. You wonder ‘what about the Plastic Lid?’: We launched a Refill Service, so you can re-use your plastic lid from a previously bought NAYA product.
  4. Gift Box: Our Gift Sets come in a beautiful white carton from recycled paper that you can re-use many Christmases to come.
  5. Labels: The Label on the Gift Box has been made from paper bought from the Woodland Trust. So we keep planting trees on your behalf !

Overall, since we launched our Nursery Project each order we receive, we invest back into the communities we work with in Colombia. So each time you buy from us, we keep planting trees to give back to nature! Join the band and let’s make this Christmas an even greener one !!

NAYA is a committed beauty brand. Committed to you to transform one skin at a time. And committed to nature to give back what we take out. Let’s be a collective force of good. #committedbeauty

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