This Christmas Season – Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips

The festive season is in full swings and so is the winter season. On the one side, you listen to Christmas carols, enjoy Christmas treats and the beautiful decorations while joining the Christmas parties and getting jolly with your friends. On the other side, temperatures have dropped, ice cold winds, the heating is on and the dry air is taking its toll on hair and skin. And with that your self-care rituals might take its toll and are not on the top of your priorities. To rescue your skin from the outside in and inside out during the colder months and the Christmas period, here are top 5 skincare tips to live during this time of the year.

1. Stay Hydrated!

Stay hydrated ! During this time of the year, it is easy to forget to drink your minimum of two litres. The best of us do it, so do I. I need to keep myself reminded to drink my eight glasses, up to two litres to keep hydrated. And it is easy to forget so don’t be too hard on yourself! During this time, you are more likely to prefer the warmer drinks and have an extra latte, coffee or Chai tea instead of a water that even though is not in the fridge feels that little bit colder and more refreshing than you might prefer. However, it is key to keep hydrated even more than ever. With the dry air, and the low humidity due to the cold weather, we need to make sure we keep hydrated. Instead of water, boil your water and have warm water with lemon, lemon and ginger or have a caffein-free tea that you enjoy drinking. It will not only hydrate you but will also help your gut that typically gets a bit sluggish during this season as we move less, curl up more to keep warm and eat potentially heavier foods. So drinking a bit of warmer water with those extras not only gives you some extra vitamins, antioxidants and helps your skin glow. But it also helps to keep the gut going, helping the detox and ultimately your skin as well.

It is these little tricks that help to stay healthy during this period.

2. Remove your make-up before bed

During this festive season, there are more social outings, meetings, lunches, dinners and parties than during any other season. We are busy, exhausted, have little to no time for ourselves. When you get home, the last thing you want to do is to wash your face, and simply fall into bed; face first into the pillow. However, make sure you do take those five minutes to clean your face. Your skin will thank you the next day! And it doesn’t have to take longer than that. Even less with our Cleansing Oil.

Your skin will do some overtime during this period, to protect you from those ice cold winds, and heated air. So give it an extra helping hand to keep performing well. One of the