We are super excited to introduce you to our new retail partner. As a small indie beauty brand, each retailer partnership is truly exciting to us and an honour. When we have a new retail partner in our home country, Germany this is means a lot to us.

We always think that the founders never get the credit they deserve and stay in the unknown. Thus we wanted to introduce you to the founders behind Blanda Beauty as they are the heart and soul behind this beautiful curated collection of brands. So please read on to learn more about this power couple. <3

What has inspired you to start Blanda Beauty? 

Well, there were quite a few reasons. After living in the US for many years we decided to relocate to Germany two years ago. Moving back was quite a change, we were arriving to a new home in a new city, our kids had to go to a new school, I had given up my job as a teacher, so pretty much everything was new and had to be newly organized and set up. Amidst that change my husband and I thought it would be now the right time to also have professionally a new start. And since we always dreamt of doing something on our own we started our own little shop. With young kids in the US we had become more aware about what we eat, what skincare products we use and actually how we consume in general in a substainable way.  This awareness combined with my fondness for natural skincare and make-up led us straight to our shop.

What does Beauty mean to you?

For me beauty means feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin.  When you feel beautiful you are beautiful.
But I also believe beauty is quite literally in everything. When I look out the window and see the garden, the birds, the trees, the flowers – there is beauty everywhere. Our world has so much to offer and it is often not far away. Just pause and see (with open eyes) and you will see beauty.

Where do you see Blanda Beauty in 5 years from now? 

Still alive and kicking I hope:) Honestly, we’d like to establish ourselves on the market as a place where people like to come by for high-quality natural skincare and cosmetics. We’d like that our customers have a super positive experience when shopping with us and tell their friends about us. About the assortment of brands we carry, about the way we present and describe our products, about the service they receive when they have questions and about the care we are taking for each delivery.  If we achieved this, we’d be happy. I also dream of having my own brick and mortar store. A welcoming place where people find comfort, advice and can discover high quality natural beauty products