While you are looking forward to hopping under your comfy duvet to unplug for the day. Your skin’s shift is about to start! And it is the skin’s busiest time – the regeneration phase. During this phase the skin is regenerating new cells and repairing any damages that have occurred during the day.  During the night, as our skin regenerates itself, our body temperature starts to increase and ultimately we will perspire and lose water. What this can cause is that we experience dry skin in the morning. Thus, the proper night time skincare routine is critical to support the skin during this phase.

Why dry skin happens at night

Your skin goes through daily circadian rhythms. During these circadian rhythms certain activities occur either during the day or at night. Research shows, a handful of these natural functions can deplete hydration levels at night. Take transepidermal water loss (TEWL), for example — this process, in which water passes from the dermis and evaporates out through the epidermis, spikes in the evening. Meanwhile, the recovery of your skin barrier — its outermost layer — decreases, because the skin is porous, water vapour is constantly lost through the skin via evaporation. Water loss occurring under non-sweating conditions is called transepidermal water loss. Additionally, the skin’s temperature and permeability increase. As this is a natural cycle which has an upside as during the night is the time to use ingredients that support this repair process and supports its natural repair work mentioned above. By doing so, it can reduce the evaporation of water from skin’s surface and provide actives to support the renewal process.

How to safeguard skin for sleep

Wash with soothing cleansers

Washing your face with a non-stripping cleanser before bed is non-negotiable. And to remove any makeup, dirt, and pollution particles that piled up during the day. If left on overnight, it can cause inflammation and hinder the regeneration process. Once you are done with cleansing, don’t rub the skin dry – gently pat it which is less irritating to your skin and leaves your skin more moist. Follow it with a Face Mist or a toner to remove any residue from the cleanser and also have a thin layer of water on your face. Skin requires waters and water functions as a delivery service to help for the actives to enter the skin barrier.

Apply multi-talented treatments

In addition to using your most reparative and regenerative treatments including antioxidants, niacinamide, peptides, ceramides at bedtime to sync with skin’s renewal cycle, it is also key to apply products with a combination of humectant, emollient, and occlusive properties. All of what can be achieved by layering our Everyday Glow Serum under our NEW Overnight Hydration Mask. Emollients soften rough skin cells while humectants like hyaluronic acid act like a sponge to pull hydration into the skin, when formulated by professional experts. Hyaluronic Acid can also be formulated too much and can actually be extracting moisture from the skin instead of from the air and maintaining hydration within. Occlusives perform the very important function of forming a seal over skin to prevent water loss — unlike most night creams which use pore-clogging waxes, silicone or petrochemical-based synthetics to do this. Overnight Hydration Mask uses  Organic Mango Seed Butter and our high-quality Cacay O