What inspired you to start Rejuvenated?

Rejuvenated evolved over many years. I’ve always been passionate about nutrition and when I introduced healthy eating programmes to compliment my clients in-clinic treatments, the results were just amazing. It wasn’t just that their skin became more youthful; they experienced more energy plus a feeling of vitality and well-being. It was inspiring to see how their overall health changed for the better. I gradually developed the ‘Rejuvenated Lifestyle’ range of products and healthy eating program to make it easy to include in an everyday routine.

I wanted to create products that would make a difference to how you look and feel in the short term but have the benefit of looking after our health in the long term. Taking just one product can make a huge difference but when you combine them together, the results are quite remarkable. Having an easy to use eating plan with simple food combinations, recipes and shopping lists gives our customers a step by step programme to radiate health and beauty.

What does Beauty mean to you?

We’re conditioned by advertising and social media to admire aesthetic beauty, but I truly feel that beauty glows from within. Confidence and an inner energy attract and engage us, plus a smile just lights up the face.

Where do you see Rejuvenated in 5 years from now?

We’ve loved seeing how our community has grown and find it incredible that customers around the world are using the ‘Rejuvenated Lifestyle’ to become healthier. Many find us because they have read about Collagen Shots, our best-selling beauty from within supplement but once they discover our website, they find out that we are about so much more.

In 5 years-time my vision is a growing community of people contributing their ideas on health and wellness with the webpage being a resource tool of information to support this. Rejuvenated has always been about sharing ideas on health and wellbeing.

We like to say; ‘It’s you on a good day and most days are good days’.

Which beauty trends do you think are here to stay and which are just fads?

To stay:

Skin is definitely in. Healthy, glowing, vibrant skin from within. Gone are the days of thick cover for a dull, lacklustre palette.

Diversity in all areas is here to stay. One area that has been lacking is age inclusion and we are now moving away from the term anti-ageing as the media looks to be more diverse. There are so many role models for our new ‘ageless’ society, just look towards the inspiration of J Lo at the Super bowl, Helen Mirren in the L’Oreal campaigns.

LED phototherapy systems. This is an amazing non-invasive treatment and totally pain free. These systems harness light energy to help relieve skin conditions from acne to rejuvenating the skin.

The growth of natural skin care without parabens and preservatives.

To go:

I love the make-believe make up trend this season; eyeshadows with glitter and sparkles creating fantasy stories, but it will soon disappear as summer arrives.

I’d like to say the ‘Love island face’ but it looks as though it is here to stay. I do prefer a more natural look and feel presenting this kind of image puts young women under pressure to feel they have to opt for clinical procedures to be attractive.