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Last updated on: 26/03/2020


In a time of uncertainty, we want to be as transparent as possible with you and our community, whose safety and wellbeing are always our number one priority! Now, more than ever, we all have a responsibility and need to do our bit and make the right choices. Something we take very seriously here at NAYA. We want to share with you the different measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our community and how we are following the Government’s guidelines and go beyond to keep you safe. Please rest assured that we’re doing everything within our power to be safe, healthy and remain a contributor to our community.


On Tuesday 24th March, the UK government issued advice around social distancing and as a result, ‘non-essential’ shops have started to close. As part of this advice, the government has stated that ‘online retail is still open and encouraged’ and that the ‘postal and delivery service will still run as normal’. That is why you are seeing other retailers close their shops, but continue to fulfill online orders.

For many – though we understand not all – self-care remains a form of escapism and personal care products are still daily essentials. As an online business and a startup, we are following the government advice but we are still open and full all online orders.


We are a start-up in our early beginnings of growing. This crisis is a huge impact on our business but we see it as an opportunity as well. The way we set up our business is that we work with many contractors and freelancers that sit all over the world. So our business is very much Digital. Thus, we keep social-distancing and take it to the next level and mainly connect via online tools to check in on each other and continue to grow our digital start-up.

Our Manufacturing & R&D Partner

Our manufacturing and R&D partners are based in Germany and they are following the strict guidelines of the German Government. They have reduced the number of staff in their HQ to operate with the smallest amount of staff required to keep our operations in progress and allow for the essential distance required. They are taking safety and hygiene measures extremely seriously, and here are some examples of what this :

  • All members of their team who can work from home, are. That includes finance, customer service support, stock control, admin, their HR, etc.
  • Their production team has been split into two teams – Team Production and Team Dispatch. This allows to isolate the one team from the other and both can continue to work.
  • The majority of employees travelling to the production facility have only a short distance to travel.
  • No external visitors are permitted to visit the manufacturing and R&D partner at any time until further notice and advise from the German Government.
  • All team members working remain at a safe distance apart from one another at all times.
  • Hands are washed every hour on the hour, and their temperatures are taken daily before they start to work and at the end of each day.
  • We are checking in with our partners and how they are doing as much as we can without distracting them too much.
  • Personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, hair nets etc) is provided for work.
  • The manufacturing and R&D partner has a team cleaners tirelessly steaming and sanitising surfaces around the facilities on a regular interval.
  • Our stringent GMP rules are still in practise.
  • It is also worth noting that the manufacturing and R&D partner is located in a secluded area with little to no footfall.


Thank you for your support, and all your lovely emails and supportive words. We truly appreciate every single one of you and it now matters more than ever. As well as all the measures our production company is taking, our couriers are following all recommended advice to ensure your deliveries arrive safely – we use Royal Mail, and DHL  and will still be shipping parcels internationally until further notice. Please do stay on top of your own country’s measures for the most up-to-date information, and contact us directly for any queries. We send all our orders tracked only so there is no need for you to sign anything. Let them place the order on the ground and once they step away, you can safely pick up the parcel. Keep the minimum social distance!


We have recently – thanks to all your support – transferred a larger sum to our team on the ground in Colombia to continue looking after our young trees. These trees are yet more than ever very vulnerable and need the care from our local team. Thank God – it is a very remote area where the project is set up and all outer contact apart from our local partner and their immediate family is allowed in the area to continue to care for the plants. And we will take all precaution to look after our families who care for our plants. Thank you again for your ongoing support.


As a team, we are choosing to remain positive and find moments of joy in this current situation and lifting up those who need it. We want to nourish and protect the energy of those around us, maintaining our commitment to creating a more empowered world, even when that world is in crisis. We recognise that many in our community are facing inexplicably hard times, and there are also those who rely on our positivity to help them navigate this uncertainty. Everyone’s situation is different, and we thank you for your understanding during these critical times.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email on . We are here to support and empower you, always – no question is too small. In this challenging time we wanted to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our staff and that our business continues to run.

No1 Personalised Skin Consultation

To help through this time, we are only a phone call away. Thus, we will also offer our ‘Personalised Beauty Plan’ for a reduced amount of £5 / €5 to connect with you, allow you to connect with someone during this time talk about a subject that brings you joy, talk self-care and self-love and find the perfect product for your skin need. As a result, we will donate the amount to a charity in need to support. We will announce the charity soon. This is a win-win for all of us, our customers and our communities to get through this together.

We are committed to you. We are committed to our communities.