Taking time for ourselves can come in many forms. A good, warm bath, a nice breakfast, or a nice long walk in nature which is one of our favorite ways to relax and reset for the week ahead. Dead Sea Salts have been long used to detoxify the body in warm baths that are known to calm your central nervous system, improve circulation and aid in digestion which you can buy today inexpensively in many health shops. Our favourite one is the Icelandic sea salt. We’ve put together an easy way to detoxify the entire body while soaking in the tub.

1. Hydration Mask 

This Hydration Mask has five different types of Hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate each layer of your skin and make it look plump and smooth. It is calming to the skin and gentle acids in the formula reverse some of the sun damage and will eat away at any rough, dull, dead skin cells without causing any irritation. Let this completely soak in to the skin. While you wait, throw on a robe and draw your bath with salts.

2. Everyday Glow Serum

After you come out of the tub, remove the mask, if you like apply a toner and then follow with our Everyday Glow Serum to fight any free radicals, impurities and bring back your glow. It is rich in adaptogens that stimulate the energy within the skin cells.

3. Everyday Day Cream

And finally, apply either our Everyday Face Oil or Everyday Day Cream as the final step in your skincare routine, rich in antioxidant-packed formula that will leave your skin feeling silky and look glowing, never greasy. Use the Everyday Face Oil on damp skin.

Finally, use your favourite body lotion to rehydrate your skin and balance it PH value. And just like that, you’re ready for the week ahead.