After months of being isolated indoors, the holidays were the light at the end of the tunnel. The past few months had a toll on your skin, so here are some NAYA Tips how to get back your glow.

1. Sleep

If at all possible. Get plenty of sleep and at least your 7-8 hours. Lack of sleep doesn’t give your skin the time to fully recover itself during the night and has less time to work itself through its to-do list and the energy it needs to fix the damage that happened during the day. If you struggle to sleep, try create yourself a Sleepy Potion to get a well deserved good night. Below a little recipe of what we take when needing to get this well-deserved good-night sleep.

2. It‘s Masking time

If I know I have an important upcoming meeting, outing or a holiday – I go a little overboard with masks!! From detoxing, to hydrating to anything to indulge my skin and give her the best Defence mechanism that I can give it. While you can use our Hydration Mask everyday, there are many beautiful masks that you can complement with your at Home Spa Facial. Don‘t hold back and really go out there!! You want this holiday to be memorable like all the other ones with beautiful pictures.

3 .Drink Water – and only water

For years now, I mainly drink water as any other drink is filled with additives, colourings, sals and sugar. Some of your biggest enemies when it comes to your skin having your skin to run over-time! Water is your friend! Have a bottle, a glass next to you or a reminder on your phone. We know how easy it is to get distracted and forget to take a zip. NAYA Tip: Don’t drink water right before your meal as it will slow down your digestion. Drink water after your meal and also it has to be room-temperature to aid your digestion.

Save up those glasses of Old Fashion, Mojitos, Rosés, etc for when you are on holiday for the instagramable Shot.

5. Get a sweat on

Your skin is the reflection of your soul and connected to how you feel and what you eat. It is undeniable that when I eat more sugar, the next day right away, I have a new uninvited friend of my face, or a red inflammation. My skin is super sensitive when it comes to food and has no tolerance for my little treats :( but ok – everyone‘s skin is different so you need to find out what works for you. However, the best medicine – over the years, I find is exercise. I am not asking go for a half marathons. But do something to get the heart-rate up such as a cross-Trainer, yoga expertises or some brisk walking through the neighbouring forest or park. I always feel better after I got a sweat on! And yet, everyone I meet in the gym, after they have done a workout, even though it was hard and they are soaked in sweat – they have a smile on their faces. So let‘s get going and just do it!!

6. Gut Health

I will get it out of the cupboard again – your microbiomes in your gut are your friends and need looking after. Many say – just pop this supplement – but it takes a bit more than that as it is really about what you eat and has a lot to do with stress-Levels as well. It doesn’t matter how many little things you pop or smoothies with magic powders you drink, if you are feeling stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed because of lack of sleep, too much alcohol, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, your body deprived you of the vitamins and minerals the little fellas need in your gut to keep you healthy. We always recommend to seek a dietician to look holistically what you might be missing to be very targeted in your approach before you invest heavily into the supplement industry. As you get most of what you need from your nutrition if you know what to buy and where to get it.