Hello! We’re delighted to welcome you to NAYA. We do things a little differently around here and it’s all come from how and why we created NAYA in the first place. Our approach to skincare is like no other and it’s probably what you’ve been searching for for a really long time.

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Founded by a female entrepreneur

Sarah first created organic skincare blends to soothe and restore her own blemish prone skin suffering from PCOS. Drawing on her curiosity about new cultures, foreign places and love for understanding how things work around her,  she created our now multi award-winning skincare collection. Read more about our story.

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Radical transparency to empower you

Our reason for creating a committed skincare range is reflected across our collection with our radical transparency: every single ingredient is listed on every bottle and every packaging of our collection, so you know exactly how you’re caring for your skin. And she shares she work she is doing through NAYA in Colombia to support the indigenous communities she works with by sourcing Cacay Oil and Passion Fruit Seed Oil directly from the indigenous communities. Everything is done with a purpose.


Marrying nature with science

For us, skincare is like food. It should be nourishing, easy to understand, wholesome and provides health benefits over the long term. And at the same time we marry nature and science to sustainably source our ingredients while combine them with the most effective ones available in the industry. We focus on science and remove anything unnecessary so the necessary may speak. We are committed to nature. Based on science. Made in Germany.


Made Safe

Every NAYA formula contains COSMOS and Ecocert certified ingredients that have been tested and shown ground-breaking sciences to improve your skin. And our unwavering standards don’t stop there: Our products are developed, produced, packaged, and shipped to you in ways that minimize their impact on the environment. We obsess over every detail, so you can enjoy the benefits, worry free.

There are no synthetic chemicals nor nice-to-haves in our products. We would never include anything we would not use on ourselves or our loved ones, and we use only what is necessary so you get maximum benefit from each hard-working ingredient. These exceptional and proven ingredients are why our customers consistently achieve skin lasting results. As our formulations restore, rebalance and protect the skin and work to boost the skin’s inherent abilities to repair itself, grow healthy cells and combat environmental and internal stressors. 


Your Everyday Skincare routine, sorted

We believe skincare should be an enjoyable Everyday ritual, not a daily chore. And the best way to achieve this is through a simple everyday skincare routine that you can Elevate if you would like to. Less really is more; not only for your skin but also for the planet.


Your easy morning routine

 Each morning, apply a few drops of the Everyday Face Oil to slightly damp skin, massaging in to lock that extra moisture on your skin. The Everyday Face Oil is suitable for all skin types, is non-greasy, and rich in oleic and linoleic acid to provide anti-ageing skin benefits. If your skin is blemish prone or you  experience breakouts, you can use the new Renew Cacay Oil+A from our Elevate collection at night until your skin improves, and then continue with the Everyday Face Oil. We will launch some news about our Everyday Face Oil soon.


Your nourishing night time routine

Remove daily impurities and any make-up easily with our Everyday Cleansing Oil and Organic Muslin Face Cloth. Apply some cool water to the skin to close the pores and finish with a few drops of the Everyday Face Oil, taking a few moments to massage into the face and neck to aid lymphatic drainage. There’s no need to layer the skin with multiple night treatments, creams and eye creams.


Elevate your Everyday skincare routine.

With your Everyday skincare routine in place, you can explore and introduce complementary products to Elevate your Everyday Skincare routine like the Hydration Mask to improve your skin’s plumpness and natural radiance, our Antioxidant Defence Booster to brighten and even out your skincare.


Committed to sustainable packaging

Sustainability goes beyond our ingredients and we are committed to implement sustainable packaging as we are deeply aware of protecting our planet and we have end-to-end sustainability in mind: from sourcing certified-organic, plant based ingredients to amber glass bottles, stone-paper labels and recycled and grass paper.


Loved by our customers and experts

Our skincare has won over 10 industry awards, multiple praise in the press and consistently receives verified 5-star reviews via Yotpo. You can read the heartfelt reviews we’ve received and how it’s helped many with their overall wellbeing too.


Reconnect you with nature

Our core mission is to re-connect people back to nature, creating healthy lifestyles and beauty routines by transforming one skin at a time and delivering real results. We are committed at each stage of our supply chain to reduce our carbon footprint and committed to streamline your skincare routine. We want to focus on the essential and simplify your skincare regime by eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. No trade-off. No compromises required. NAYA translates to fresh, renew and we focus on bioactives that have a quality that can be classed as such.


You plant trees with us

NAYA is a committed brand. Committed to you to transform one skin at a time. And committed to giving back to nature what we take out.⁠ 💚🌱

When we launched NAYA, one of our key objective was to establish a business model with philanthropy built into the DNA and to re-connect our consumers back to Mother Nature. Our mission is to create awareness about the importance of protecting our forests, the indigenous people that live there, and their wisdom. By harvesting ingredients endemic to the region so that indigenous communities and small scale farmers cannot only survive but live & thrive by creating a secure income source and ultimately, taking great pride in their culture and land. Thus every time you shop directly from us, we will plant a tree on your behalf in our Tierra Radiante project. 

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Carbon Neutrality

Our goal is to develop our products in a climate-neutral way and offset the CO2 emissions by supporting high-quality carbon offset projects which are certified according to international standards, and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations.

For us as a company, we are committed to reducing our CO2 footprint. We are conscious that we are sourcing our hero ingredients far away from our manufacturing facility. With this in mind, our intention is to lower our ecological footprint by calculating the carbon emission of each of our products, while giving back to specific projects. We are delighted to work in partnership with Climate Partner to make the productions of our products carbon neutral.


Our mission to empower you

We love being able to share our skincare tips and help you make the switch to plant based skincare or slowly start to introduce more organic skincare into your daily routine. You can reach us anytime with your skincare questions at or follow Sarah’s videos on Instagram @nayaglow. And join our email community here for all our latest news and offers.