8 Steps to a more sustainable Beauty Routine

If you are like us, you want to reduce your footprint in this world and live a more sustainable in your everyday life. How can you implement a more sustainable beauty routine?

It sounds daunting at first but can be seamless. Here are our 8 Steps to a more sustainable Beauty routine.


Pay Attention to Packaging

“The most sustainable options would be to opt for glass or some type of metal like tin,” says Zoe, founder of Wunder Workshop. (That’s why you will find all NAYA products in glass and using tin lids.) These containers can be recycled, up-cycled endlessly forming a circular economy. Might not be to the advantage of manufacturer but to the environment to reduce unnecessarily waste. Wood is another material sometimes used in beauty packaging that eco experts say is a sustainable material — as long as the wood is sourced from a sustainable forest (a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)). So look out for those stamps.


Watch Your Water Levels

According to the UN, by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity. And beauty products are one place you can immediately cut excess water from your daily routine. Beauty chemists say 70 or 80 percent of a formula consists of water. At NAYA, while we use water as water is a necessary ingredient for majority of actives to flourish such as Hyaluronic Acid, Probiotics, Prebiotics and powerful extracts. We use far less than the standard average. We see the importance in reducing but at the same time it is a necessary evil to get the most out of powerful actives. There is this myth in the industry that Beauty is wasting water – however, if you look at it, it isn’t the beauty industry that you find in any of the reports. So this myth is simply another Marketing Tactic. One need to look much further down the line when it actually comes to crop, vegetable farming. With Cotton and sugarcane being one of the top ones that require a lot of water. So we urge you, please do not support brands that use Sugar Cane Plastic as their packaging replacement. And they to promote themselves as sustainable. Sugar Cane Plastic is the opposite of sustainable!

We also consist of up to 60% of water and some organism consist up to 90% of water. And 60% of those is stored in our skin. So water is a material that our skin is familiar with. While some say it is a necessary evil when we look at the cosmetic industry, it is as a needed ingredient. And the beauty industry is not the industry wasting most of Earths water. At NAYA, we are working fiercely away to reduce this even further as we want to take us out of this equation. You can already do your bit and look for bars, powders, or oils (like Everyday Face Oil or Everyday Renew Oil). But again, even our other products have far less water than the industry standard.


Brush Up on Your Local Recycling Rules

It is hard to live without some plastic in your home – and there are probably a few in your home right now. And it is fine! Instead of being hard on yourself, just go the extra step and dispose them in a responsible way. We are working with TerraCycle who pick up our plastic to dispose them responsibly. Unfortunately, in some countries, a recycle program isn’t available and TerraCycle is a great alternative. One thing through to look out for – be picky with your plastic and look for bottles made with the following type of plastic as they are most commonly accepted by curbside recycling programs: polyethylene (PET) 1 or polypropylene (PP) 5, both of which will display these numbers in the recycling symbol imprinted on the bottle.

But be aware – beauty products can consist of several materials such as glass, plastic rubber. So separate those items as much as you can. You find an instruction how to do it on each of the Product Pages. Or you can find a summary here. As a final resort, call your council, city town hall, or municipality to find out if they will take your plastics. If you are not sure, place it in the trash. Worse than plastic is placing the wrong type of product in recycling as it can contaminate the recycling process at the manufacturer and send the whole load to a landmill. Again, sugar-cane is a fine example. Please do not add this to your recycling bin as sugar-cane plastic cannot be recycled along side your PET and PP plastic as it requires a much stronger heat.


Stick with Biodegradable Ingredients

Naturally derived ingredients won’t leave the lasting mark on the earth that harmful chemicals like phthalates, synthetic fragrances, triclosan, and chemical sunscreens will. Find out more about our Free From Promise that we regularly update as well. It is not only about the ingredients that those are sustainable but also about the manufacturing and process of extracting and developing these ingredients. The attention is in the detail and sustainable doesn’t stop by finding unique and different ingredients, or changing from plastic to glass bottle, or using recyclable mailing boxes.


Streamline Your Routine

Even though the Korean Skincare Routine had its moment, a regular  elaborate 10-step routine every morning and night are not of any benefit to your skin to keep it healthy – neither for your environment. Thus we have developed our Everyday Cacay Skincare Routine. Narrow your daily skincare ritual down to simple steps with a reduced number of ingredients but yet effective. When you find a product that is packed with nourishing, natural ingredients, but also scientifically proven bioactives you come to find that it will meet a lot of your skincare needs. And ultimately, this reduces the overall carbon footprint, less ingredients being used, less products being manufactured and shipped and finally less containers produced and ending up in landfills or nature.


Experiment with Upcycling

A container is a container once it’s totally cleaned out, so put your jars and bottles to good use instead of in the bin. Lip balm tins are a great place to stash jewellery, and use glass jars, Tupperware to bring lunch to work.


Ease Up on Unnecessary Paper & Plastic

There is so much paper such as cotton buds, sheet masks, acne zig plastic tapes or  make-up remover wipes. You can easily replace those. Use reusable Facial Cloths or Muslin cloth you can wash and re-use. Stick to wash-off masks or rub-off mask like our Overnight Hydration Mask, instead of sheet masks and opt for make-up removers like our Everyday Cleansing Oil instead of wipes. These are all better for your skin and better for the environment. The Acne / Spot zig plastic tapes are Cool but not Cool for nature. The Mask Sheets are convenient, but not convenient to nature. Plus have far fewer actives in them considering the price. So think twice and make a conscious decision based on your commitment to nature!


Support brands that go beyond their products

Find a brand that resonates with you. Not only on the basis that it produces beautiful products that work on your skin. But also a brand that goes beyond their products and takes the necessary steps to give back. We all have a responsibility to make this place a better place than we found it or leave the place in a better stage we found it in. If you really want to make a difference – don’t go for the bright colours, the marketing buzzwords and instead look between those lines to truly understand what the brand actually stand for.