The biggest beauty no-go’s

When the skin is out of balance, there are often the wrong skin care habits behind it that have become your beauty routine over the years. Skin care products that are not suitable for your skin needs can also drive the skin on a beauty strike.

Dry spots, redness or pimples or an oily sheen – the skin rebels differently. For this reason, there is no uniformly valid secret recipe for beautiful skin, because every skin is unique. And yet there are dos & don’ts that apply to all skin conditions.

And there are skin care mistakes that subconsciously creep into your daily skin care routine or that you may never have heard of. With this article I would like to inspire you to take a close look at your skin care rituals and cosmetic products. In this way, beauty flaws can be revealed that may be the cause of your personal skin problem.

Personally, I have used products that are far too strong for years, have not given my skin rest and have been impatient when a product does not immediately deliver visible results as if by magic. Today I know that proper skin care is much more a holistic concept that is supported by important pillars such as mild products that are suitable for your skin, gentle treatment of the skin and a healthy lifestyle.

As in all areas of life, in my opinion, the following also applies to skin care: Leaving familiar paths when they do not lead to your goal pays off. Sometimes it just takes time to realise that and making the change. But that’s completely okay, because a relaxed inner attitude also has a positive effect on the complexion. And beauty mistakes can also be remedied quickly. Are you ready? Here we go!

  1. Facial cleansing – thorough but gentle
  2. The correct order of skin care
  3. Do you know your underlying skin condition
  4. Give your skin time
  5. The biggest beauty no-go’s
  6. The best beauty dos


Facial cleansing forms the basis of skin care. Beauty mistakes often creep in here that disturb the natural balance of the skin and its protective function. Although the skin must be thoroughly freed of sebum, dirt particles and make-up every day; however the “more brings more” approach is often followed: more drying surfactants for oily skin, coarse peelings for acne or alcohol-containing and hot water that removes impurities.

This often worsens the skin condition because the skin cannot express itself otherwise and so it protests in its own way, for example with redness, pimples or dryness. When cleaning your face, you can take care of small but important steps:

  • Wash your face consistently with a cleansing product with mild tensides that do not degrease the skin too much and maintains its natural pH value.
  • Avoid products that contain alcohol, such as facial toner with alcohol.
  • Make sure to wash your face with cold water.
  • Avoid mechanical peelings. Coarse peeling grains can lead to a deterioration of the complexion, especially with sensitive skin, couperose, rosacea or acne.

pH skin-neutral cleaning products with mild tensides clean the skin without drying it out or disturbing the pH value. If the skin is intact, it keeps pathogens and harmful substances from entering the body. Sharp detergents or cleaning products with aggressive surfactants can disrupt this protective barrier and should therefore be consistently sorted out.

My tip for daily facial cleansing: Naya Everyday Cleansing Oil and Naya NEW product launch Aura Hydrating Essence to re-balance and re-hydrate the skin. Use it once or twice a day AM and PM.


The basics of facial care are well known: Wash your face, refresh and clarify the skin and finally apply hydration, essential fatty acids and vitamins. What is less known, however, is the order in which the skin care is applied so that it can unfold its best possible effect.

As a rule of thumb, you can remember to always apply lighter products such as serums or gel before the cream. The liquid consistency is absorbed particularly quickly and deeply and provides the skin with intensive moisture and active ingredients such as retinol. The face cream contains richer active ingredients, such as nourishing face oils. These keep the skin supple and keep active ingredients from the serum in the skin.

Here is the maintenance process in detail:

  • Facial cleansing with a mild cleansing product such as cleansing oil.
  • Once or twice a week, remove flakes and deposits from the skin with a peeling. Use our Eco Vegan Luxury Brush.
  • A face mask can be applied once a week after the peeling to deeply hydrate you skin layers.
  • Apply an active rich serum.
  • You can use a day cream to gently pat in around the eye cream with your ring finger.
  • Apply skin care cream.
  • Apply UV protection during the day if necessary.

If, due to climatic or hormonal changes, your skin shows that it needs other active ingredients, the cream and serum can be adjusted.

You can find more on the topic in this blog post.


When the skin rebels, it can be an indication that it is not getting what it really needs. It gets particularly tricky when there is a mixed type such as dry skin with impurities or combination skin with an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry areas of the face.

If you are not sure about your skin condition, a skin analysis by a dermatologist is worthwhile. If you know your skin very well, you can take care of it. Perhaps your skin needs more moisture on its forehead, more care on the cheeks like the NAYA Hydration Mask? With the beauty program, it pays to remain flexible and to respond individually to the current and local needs of the skin.

Many NAYA products are also suitable for several skin types. The cleansing oil can also be used on oily skin, for example, as the high-quality vegetable oils do not clog the pores. If you have very sensitive skin or inflammatory conditions, you should first ask your dermatologist about active ingredient skincare – for example with retinol or fruit acids.


Every day the top layer of skin loses dead flakes. In the course of a month, your epidermis is completely renewed. You cannot renew your skin overnight with high-quality cosmetic products, but a good skin care range can support it wonderfully.

If you want to stimulate skin renewal with active ingredients such as a retinol serum, you should give your skin time to get used to the active ingredient. Just as we often need some time to make friends with new circumstances, the skin also needs this familiarization phase. Patience is particularly important for products with a gentle peeling effect such as retinol or fruit acids (AHA).

Sometimes what is known as an initial aggravation can also occur. Then there may be more impurities. After a short time this will subside and – as long as no violent reactions occur – there is no reason to discontinue the product. After a few days, the skin should have levelled off again.

Please also give skincare products some time until visible results can be seen. As already mentioned, there are no magic bullets that conjure up a Photoshop complexion overnight. Think of our care products like personal assistants to your skin. You work hard and committed and the positive effect can be felt on the first day at work. Little by little, a solid and healthy base is created – and only healthy skin can shine.

Hydrating Face Mask


I already mentioned it: I used to put a lot of pressure on my skin. For example, when, as a teenager with beautiful skin, I secretly used my mother’s rich anti-aging cream and wondered why I suddenly got pimples.

Or when I was of the opinion that I should mix a fruit acid peeling myself and, out of sheer impatience, mix a much too high-percentage mixture instead of slowly getting my skin used to the AHA acid. But as the saying goes? Mistakes are there to be learned from. Of course, you don’t have to commit to these beauty no-gos:

  • When you cleanse your face, scrub and buff your face to a shine. It is enough to gently rid them of dirt and excess sebum.
  • Hot water washes away valuable oils from the skin. Of course, you should treat yourself to the luxury of a full bath from time to time. But please not every day. In any case, your skin will thank you a few degrees lower.
  • Do you wonder that you keep getting pimples in certain places? Could it be that you have your hands on your face unconsciously while you are thinking? Although hand hygiene has probably improved significantly for most people since the beginning of the corona pandemic, really clean fingers are rather rare in the age of smartphones and computers. Therefore: Make sure to keep your hands away from your face and regularly disinfect your smartphone and keyboards. These quickly turn into germs.
  • Speaking of fingers: please keep them away from pimples. I know it’s not easy. Pressing on a pimple can cause nasty tissue inflammation and acne marks. It takes a really long time until these are gone – if they heal completely at all. Better to try to make peace with a pimple and dab it several times a day with anti-inflammatory agents. Most of the time, the unwanted guest withdraws on their own after a few days.
  • Use skin care products that really suit your skin condition and don’t let seductive-sounding marketing strategies fool you.
  • We change our wardrobe with the season. Skin care should also be adapted to the season. While the skin produces less sebum in winter and is also dried out by the cold and heated air, it needs more moisture when the temperature rises.
  • More than 90 percent of skin ageing can be attributed to UV radiation. Sun protection should therefore be an integral part of your beauty routine and not only be a matter of course in your luggage.


A positive mindset lowers the stress level and a relaxed inner attitude also has a positive effect on the skin. If stress hormones such as cortisol are not broken down through relaxation, they can trigger inflammatory processes in the body. That is why I start the list of the best beauty dos with the tip to consciously relax every day.

  • Daily relaxation rituals help you let go and find your inner balance. Whether you’re relaxing on a walk, on the yoga mat, or with a cup of tea – slowing down and checking in with yourself is so valuable. Of course, you can also celebrate your daily facial care by deliberately performing every care step in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Avoid harsh ingredients in creams and Co. and wrap it instead into cotton buds. Naya deliberately avoids fragrances, parabens, mineral oil, fillers and silicones – pure products for pure skin and a clear conscience.
  • Support your skin from the inside by drinking enough still water or unsweetened teas and eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fiber, minerals and high-quality oils.
  • Protect your skin from free radicals and supply it with antioxidants. From the inside with vitamin-rich food, from the outside with antioxidant skin care such as the NAYA Antioxidant Defence Booster.
  • Make sure to check the expiration date on your skincare products regularly. Just like food, skincare products have an expiration date that you can find on the packaging: a small jar with a number. If there is about 6M on the crucible, the product can be kept for six months after opening. Also, make sure to protect cosmetics from light and heat.

Break away from the belief that taking care of yourself helps a lot. It is better to cleanse and care for the skin consistently but gently and expose it to as few stressors as possible.

I hope this post inspires you to see your skin as a fantastic marvel that needs to be treated with loving patience and really good care. Enjoy yourself and your skin!