A life in complete harmony with nature

Today, no matter where we look, the trend is towards minimalism in all areas. It is a certain way of life that consciously avoids superfluous bells and whistles, and does not submit to the ubiquitous consumer terror.

However, even if the trend seems recent, the concept of minimalism isn’t. In 1836, American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882) wrote about it in his book titled Nature. People aspire to lead a simple life; a life in complete harmony with nature. As people who choose minimalism feel freer, happier and more relaxed.

Small is beautiful

We couldn’t agree more about living a life in complete harmony with nature. The German economist Ernst Friedrich Schumacher (1911-977) pleaded for a conscious return to human dimension. He referred to it in his world bestseller, Small is beautiful (1973), as a “maximum of happiness with a minimum of consumption”. Today, there’s a plethora of information and guides on how to live a minimalist lifestyle. For example, people should first list all the things they want to buy then wait. Wait for a minimum period of 30 days. If after this period, the item still feels important, one could then buy it. And for each full bag one carries into the home, one should carry a full bag out of the house.

Minimalism in the beauty industry

In today’s society, minimalism has grown beyond possessions to encompass content. The deliberate reduction to the essentials in conjunction with a clear rejection of the excess. This is what minimalism stands for. Thus, the question is not only about the need for countless beauty products that crowd one’s #topshelf but also what each product is made of; from packaging to ingredients. As a result, the conscious consumer is on the rise – finally.

The colourful cocktail

Just a few years ago, the trend was for seemingly practical all-in-one products. A wonder weapon for your needs and desires. Manufacturers mixed together as many vitamins as possible, added hyaluronic acid and Q10. To then round everything off with different essential oils and extracts. Thus, a single cream became a colourful cocktail of active ingredients. Giving the consumer the impression that the more ingredients are in a product, the better. In reality, with these miracle weapons, the skin was literally ‘überpflegt’ aka ‘smothered’. Dermatologists have known for a long time that too many care products and steps negatively impacts the skin’s natural protective barrier. In the long-run, the skin gets irritated.

Perioral dermatitis

The experts now have a name for overcare: Perioral dermatitis, the name given to the skin disease that manifests itself with pustules, dandruff and spots. Especially impacted are women who use many different beauty products and layering of those. They don’t realise they do more damage than good. The so-called layering effect, a beauty trend from Asian countries, is a good example of over-maintenance. This is a method in which six or more skincare products are applied one after another to the skin. Each product contains up to 30 ingredients. Therefore, the skin must handle 150 to 300 ingredients a day and is, of course hopelessly overwhelmed.

Beauty lies in naturalness

In advertising, the message is that the consumer must constantly work on their skin to achieve smooth and beautiful skin. That’s simply not true. The return to minimalistic beauty and uniquely targeted skincare products to address specific concerns relieves the skin and helps it to regenerate its natural skin barrier.

At Naya, we work with fewer ingredients and meticulously formulate our products to achieve much better results. We use ingredients that independent research institutions have proven as effective and to have skin mimicking attributes. Ultimately, our aim is to deliver results and give back your natural glow.

“…people should lead a simple life in complete harmony with nature.”

Skin Superfoods such as Cacay, Centella Asiatica or Silver ear mushroom are amazing ingredients for a wonderful radiant complexion.

Final Words

One fact is clear: minimalism and sustainability go hand in hand and this trend is here to stay. However it does not mean a compromise on quality. It is in fact, the opposite. By embracing minimalism, one should expect that each item performs at its highest level so there is less need for more, less need to replace, less demand on the environment. Pared down skincare with only a few high-quality ingredients means less intolerances or allergies, and it allows one’s natural beauty to shine through.