Cacay Oil

Only in the Amazonian rainforest thrives this fast-growing nut. The Cacay tree (Caryodendron Orinocense) can grow up to 30-40 meters. And it produces lemon-sized nuts to extract the valuable and luxurious Cacay Oil.

Cacay Oil is the Amazon’s best kept secret. It is the new wonder weapon when it comes to maintaining a youthful glow. It is likely that you haven’t heard of it as it is only available in small quantities. Thus not widely available. And also not widely spoken about, in comparison to many other oils such as jojoba, rosehip, argan, coconut and other ones.

Cacay Fruit on Cacay Tree in Colombia

Cacay Oil: Extraction and sustainable cultivation

The harvest of Cacay nuts takes place in late spring to summer. A ten-year-old tree produces about 100 to 250 kilograms of nuts per year. The nut has three layers of shells which is removed to extract the oil. It is a manual 4-step process, thus requiring dedication and patience.

Cacay is mainly harvested through wild collection, although industrialisation is on its way. And that’s a good thing. Newly cultivated Cacay plantations eventually provide a secure source of income for the indigenous communities. This ensures the survival of many families and also supports the country’s development. In addition, it helps in the reforestation of the Amazonian rainforest where previously farmers cleared the land for cattle farming and other activities. The reason being, as farmers thought cattle farming was a more lucrative investment. Turns out being in the beauty industry is much more lucrative, no one predicted. Although farming provides a source of income, the damage to the rainforest and environment was devastating and still is.

Organic Cacay Oil

Since the discovery of Cacay Oil and its positive impact on the skin, ultimately the clearing of the rainforest has significantly reduced. As a result of the continuous replanting of the trees and the ever-increasing demand for the oil, there is more consistent efforts to protect the rainforest and practise sustainable farming. Incidentally, newly planted Cacay trees provide vital shade for the growth of another local plant, the coffee arabica tree. Finally, Cacay trees can absorb and process large quantities of CO2. We work directly with farmers to source the Cacay oil we are using in our products. Our farmers use organic fertilisers, pick cacay nuts from mature trees from the prime forest – thus making our Cacay Oil unique as it is community-sourced and sustainable! We urge you to search out those companies that work hand in hand with their producers and nature to reintroduce balance to our planet.

Cacay Oil Skin Benefits

Cacay Oil skin benefits for skin are manifold:

Vitamin E

Cacay Oil contains a high amount of vitamin E, more than many oils including the popular ones. Vitamin E effectively protects the skin against free radicals and thus prevents premature ageing of the skin. Ultimately, it is a cell protection vitamin that helps cell renewal. Vitamin E is also considered an endogenous anti-ageing agent because it increases the collagen content in the skin. As a result, it tightens the skin.

Natural derived Retinol

Cacay Oil also contains a high amount of retinol, the purest form of the fat-soluble Vitamin A, which is the most important vitamin for the following:

  • cell growth,
  • skin hydration, and
  • collage turnover.

The naturally occurring retinol in Cacay Oil is milder on the skin than those produced synthetically and helps to reduce wrinkles. It keeps the skin toned, improves the overall appearance of the skin and ensures a vital and radiant complexion.

Cacay Fruit on Cacay Tree in Colombia
Cacay Farmers

Essential Fatty Acids

The other properties of Cacay Oil include Linoleic acid (average of 72%) and oleic acid (average of 14%). Linoleic acid is the natural answer to bring balance to your sebum production. Thus Cacay oil can be use for acne prone people to reduce the inflammation. This multi-purpose essential fatty acid is an immensely important tool for our skin. It protects our skin against inflammation, strengthens the natural skin barrier and promotes the formation of healthy new skin cells. It also helps with acne, psoriasis and hyper-pigmentation. The oil’s small molecules mean it can be absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy feel on the skin.

Due to the high level of essential fatty acid, Cacay Oil comedogenic rating can be seen as 0 making it non-comedogenic. Ultimately, Cacay oil is suitable for acne and blemish-prone skin.

Cacay Oil Shelf Life

Cacay Oil’s properties contain a great profile of essential fatty acids and antioxidants including Vitamin E and A. Due to Cacay Oil Vitamin E content, it makes it a very stable oil. Thus, Cacay oil shelf life is longer than your average oil as the Vitamin E is protecting the Cacay oil naturally from going rancid quickly.

Everyday Hydration & Regeneration

Thanks to the incredible abundance of vitamins and essential fatty acids, regular use of Cacay Oil effectively improves the moisture, firmness and elasticity of the skin. Giving back your natural glows. It is no wonder that Cacay Oil is the newest and perhaps most effective natural anti-ageing wonder ingredient, to maintain a youthful glow and iron out those lines.

“I love facial oils and often try new ones. However, this oil is one of my favourite, because it is light (right now in the summer), smells very fresh and contains among other things Cacay oil, an oil with a particularly high vitamin A content.”

– Lisa Scharff, Green Make-up Artist

Final few words

Cacay Oil is an incredibly luxurious ingredient due to its highly effective mix of natural components and natural-derived retinol. For now, it is still relatively unknown in the beauty industry, thus making it a true secret weapon. But we know what it can do and that is why it plays an important role in the formulation of our products. This bioactive botanical is our star ingredient at Naya because we believe in proven effectiveness over quantity. Try our Everyday Face Oil and pick yours up at our store. We are confident you’ll love it.

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Best Quality Cacay Oil

Cacay Nut and outer shells