Compared with the rest of our living space, the time we spend in our bathrooms is precious yet powerful. A morning shower can be a sensorial pep-talk; our nighttime skincare a 3-minute lullaby. Overall, it allows us to connect with ourself and check each inch of our body. (For a parent, I have been told, it is the only room you can…actually be alone in.) It is only natural to make the space as a Zen-Zone to up the self-care quotient. Here are some typs what we have been doing since the lock-down to make the bathroom a little bit more zen.

Add Some Plants

Of course, as a plant lover, plants need to be added to the bathroom as well. A little greenery makes your bathroom look more pleasing to the eye, and it can also help certain plants to thrive. Air plants and calathea love the extra moisture in the air and can tolerate the indirect light or low light. My favourite are Peace Lilys, Aloe Vera, Air Plants and ferns as they do really well in a bathroom setting and enjoy the humidity in the air. They not only bring a pop of colour but they are also pleasing to the eye making you feel more relaxed from within. Another tip, to hang dried eucalyptus from your shower-head for a nice relaxing scent while showering. Just close your eyes, and you are transporting miles away from the moment.

Clear the Air

As we have learned in our last post, we need to watch the level of our indoor pollution. Unfortunately, in our traditional shampoos there are ingredients we want to avoid. Everyone knows the Herbel Essence rainforest commercial producing a huge amount of foam. As the more the merrier as only when we are covered in foam from top to toe, we are actually squeaky clean. Unfortunately, the truth looks quite different. The ingredient in most shower gels and shampoos that produces the foam is called SLS (Sodium laureth sulfate) – it is a surfactant and rather irritating to our naturally skin barrier. It can dry out the skin barrier and cause other skin irritation. Research is yet not conclusive if it is causing certain health conditions that have been claimed. When you research SLS please make sure you look at the latest research and no older than 2-4 years. To be safe than sorry, look for natural alternatives! It might require getting used to it as the natural space is still a few years behind producing such a foamy experience  but there are yet some nice alternatives when it comes to shower gels. Most brands don’t have your health on their mind but rather their bottom line.

Cut Back on Clutter

A counter overflowing with your entire beauty routine isn’t exactly a stress-relieving sight. Neither is it a sign to be proud of. In a world, where we need to foster a more sustainable approach, learn to finish the product before you reach to the next. While there are so many beautiful products out there all claiming to be the next big thing to solve all your problems, start by understand what your skin really needs. Then reach out to the brands to get some input and insight. Yes, it takes more time and effort which none of us these days has, but it is worth the effort to stop an overflowing bathroom cupboard but also save some pennies. In addition, every skin is unique. Just because one review said it worked wonder for their skin, and don’t trust the big influencers living in a mansion paid by the customer for, ask for a sample and try it before you buy it. Each skin is unique – so are you! I personally don’t like clutter and the only products that get a spot next to the thing are those that I use everyday. 

Style with Textiles

Like your first oat milk matcha (although I am still wondering how these oat milk companies justify the asking price) truly great towels can be life-changing. Beyond being functional, they can add to your bathroom’s visual appeal. I prefer Egyptian towels with a high thread count. The higher the more softer for your skin the less I pull and stretch my skin but then gentle sweep over it to dry it off the water. They are lightweight, super absorbent, and add a nice textural element. If you roll a few and place them in a sink-side wood basket, they can function as a nice decor if the space allows. Otherwise, don’t worry and use those that you use everyday. Nothing else is really required.