It is Organic September and no better time to address this topic.

Natural isn’t enough, and neither is Organic.

At NAYA, we have specific standards that define us which we refer to as ‚Our Beauty Codex‘. These are our core standards that define what  ‚Committed Beauty‘ means. To us being conscious about something isn’t enough as you need to take action to make a commitment and a difference. Being conscious means only being aware which doesn’t assume an action is conducted that positively influences an outcome. It’s like waiting for the kettle to boil by looking at it without switching the switch.

Below you see our rigorous Committed Beauty Codex in detail. Beauty Independent (2020) has recently conducted an attempt to outline Conscious Beauty to lead a definition in the beauty space to – and in our view, it simply comes short of a few things that actually provide the qualitative skincare but also give back to nature to reconnect the customer with nature. And is this not why this movement has started ? To feel more connected to nature and ultimately to yourself?

Our Beauty Codex

What does our Beauty Codex mean ?

All our products have gone through rigorous safety tests to develop safe products to the customer. And we source plant-based ingredients that are not only pure and potent but are also manufactured in a sustainable way using green energy. As we are ultimately committed to giving back to nature what we take out to achieve our goal to become carbon neutral. 

Many brands out there, don’t do the one or the other and mainly focus on paying a membership fee to be part of the Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian & Co Club that pre-dominantly uses the money to drum and fire up their Marketing engine. What we do instead is that we work with suppliers directly (not the middelmen) to ensure we source the very best! And there are really only three main certificates that we focus on when it comes to sourcing our ingredients: COSMOS, Vegan & Cruelty-free, and NATRUE. We established a unique & exclusive network of suppliers with more than 100 years of operating and sourcing experience when it comes to sourcing the very best in natural ingredients across the globe. Ultimately, making what is in our bottle stand out.

Is this enough? 

Our standards are a little harder as I like to keep pushing us forward. Thus, we still think that this isn’t sufficient in today’s society and all of us should expect more brands to give back and do a difference.

We all know organic and natural ingredients are as effective as traditional ones. The key though that they must be prepared safely, as organic ingredients can be extremely harmful – and I twitch every time when I watch bloggers, influencers and others just cut of an aloe Vera leaf and smear it on their inflammation. Sure, if you have the expertise and experience to know how to cut off an Aloe Vera Leaf safely and remove all the harmful aloin. Please proceed ! But if you don’t and not sure what aloe to pick –  it very much has the opposite effect of what you want to achieve. And not only do harm to yourself but also to others.

What else can we do in the 21st century? 

But those two things alone are simply not enough. In the 21st century we have more possibilities at our hand and we need to go further than those two points on a checklist: Natural and organic. Even organic ingredients are often preserved with harmful chemicals that aren’t disclosed on the ingredients listing. And natural ingredients when not professionally and safely manufacturer can cause skin irritation. The only way to know an ingredient and a product is truly safe is to conduct an independent review of all its components, and for that we turn to conduct Safety Assessments for each of our products. While this is a EU Cosmetic Regulations, many brands still don’t get their products reviewed and signed off by an independent party. The idea of this regulation is to get products tested and signed off as safe to use for its purpose it was intended. To us, safety and your wellbeing & health is of utmost importance – as products that are not formulated at the right dosage, don’t contain preservatives at the right levels or not making their customers aware how to use their products can develop harmful bacterias & practices that are more damaging to your skin.

Safe is our standard

Every product in our collection has gone through a safety assessment before we released it into the market and is available to purchase. This means it has been reviewed by a team of scientists to ensure it doesn’t harm people or the planet. The safety assessment review process includes a complete investigation of every ingredient, including preservatives and the supply chain, leaving nothing uninspected.

Many products in the market today, don’t conduct safety assessments and in many countries this isn’t even part of the regulation or requirement to launch a product. Thus the grey zone of unsafe and untested products are unknown and therefore potentially high. A safety assessment is entirely independent and conducted by an experienced team of scientist holding more titles than any of us might ever acquire in a lifetime.

Our products are safe to use for their purpose and our ingredient promise applies:

  • Endocrine (hormone) disruptors
  • Carcinogens
  • Parabens
  • SLS and SLES
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • GMOs
  • Animal cruelty

The majority of our ingredients are pure plant extracts or plant-based, and we use COSMOS certified ingredients to help you distinguish the quality on the shelf. In addition, we use an innovative safe preservative. Many products in the market are not even safely preserved making it the perfect ecosystem for mold to grow as soon as the products get in touch with water or in a humid environment. Mold can be as toxic as any of those ingredients we look down to. So don’t assume preserving is toxic as this is a complete false assumption and simply a lack of understanding and education. We are using a plant based preservative, a newly innovated ingredient that is hydrating and doesn’t strip the skin of any of its moisture. In fact, our plant-based preservative system convinces with an outstanding multi-functionality that includes the cornerstones of “Moisturizing the Skin”, “Antimicrobial Protection” and “Improving Sensory Properties”. But also, the bioavailability of active ingredients in the formulations is being enhanced. Please avoid any products that are not safely preserved!

Committed to nature is our code of conduct

Having worked in marketing for more years than I have fingers, a lot of it is about psychology and tricking the customer’s brain to make them believe what they want to hear. Or also a well-proven practice: Fear-mongering. Really pushing the boundaries in the sustainability space is hard work and difficult. In particular if you are a small player and only produce small batches one at a time – the economics are constantly against you. To really push the boundaries one needs to order ten thousands at any given time. For a start-up without any financial investor and all grown from savings to show a business can be run differently – this is impossible to achieve!

How to find safe products

As people become more aware of the harmful chemicals inside most products, an increasing number of customers and businesses are responding to the demand for safer products. But formulating with natural ingredients isn’t enough anymore today. To create products that are truly safe for people, businesses need to commit to third-party product safety testing that proves their products don’t contain hidden, harmful chemicals.

Until more brands do so, this list of ingredients to avoid in beauty products can help you find safer cosmetics. Alternatively, ask the brands if they have conducted the necessary tests and completed their safety assessment if you are uncertain.