There is a natural magic 

NAYA is a committed brand. Committed to you to transform one skin at a time. And committed to giving back to nature what we take out.⁠

When we launched NAYA, our key objective was to establish a business model with philanthropy built into the DNA and to re-connect our consumers back to Mother Nature. Our mission is to create awareness about the importance of protecting our forests, the indigenous people that live there, and their wisdom. By harvesting ingredients endemic to the region so that indigenous communities and small scale farmers cannot only survive but live & thrive by creating a secure income source and ultimately, taking great pride in their culture and land. We don’t consider ourselves a Beauty brand. NAYA is the proof that one can run a business while empowering others.


From Day 1

We always wanted to implement a circular and transparent supply chain, by re-investing back where we source from to continue empowering more small-scale farmers and indigenous communities to embark on this journey with us. And ultimately to protect hectares of forest to offset our carbon footprint.   ⁠

We embarked on this journey with our first hero ingredient called Cacay. We don’t go via a middleman or harvest our Cacay Oil from a plantation. We go directly to the communities in the Amazon to source where Cacay is originally from.⁠

Our Tierra Radiante Project – Roots to Glow


We have finally taken the next step in our journey and launched our Tierra Radiante Project with our communities. The community-run farms use a technique known as Agro-Forestry, which imitates the native biodiversity of the region’s flora and fauna, by planting the trees within the existing environment. This farming style goes beyond the conventional monoculture techniques and even beyond any organic certification. This type of forestry approach helps to rebuild a sustainable ecosystem and empowers rural communities while protecting the local biodiversity.

Organic Growing

At NAYA, we work within the natural cycles of the earth, using farming methods that humans have been using to grow and harvest plants for millennia, which highlights specifically the importance being organic. Organic farming sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. We don’t use any products that would harm the soil we plant in.

Circular Approach

We support a Circular Approach to support the farmers, maintain the quality and support your skin wellbeing.

What does this mean? 

This means that every time you purchase our products, we plant trees for you.

  1. We source directly from our communities our star ingredients. And we add more to our products.
  2. The raw material is produced and prepared locally in Colombia before it gets shipped to Germany to our R&D and manufacturer.
  3. It is then made safely in recycle containers and materials wherever possible.
  4. We then ship it to you or to our stockist
  5. When you buy from us directly, we give back to nature on your behalf and plant a tree in Colombia.
  6. Those plants are grown and maintained by the local communities we work with.
  7. Once they are grown enough, they are given to families part of the Tierra Radiante Agroforestry Project to continue the process.
  8. Our local partner then collects the raw material from the farmers, we purchase it off him before it gets shipped back to our facilities in Germany.

We are conscious of the fact that we source ingredients that are not endemic to where we produce. And they take a long journey to get to us. Thus we conducted a thorough review of our CO2 emission that we produced and where we produce the most across our business. Learn more about our goal to become carbon-neutral and eventually carbon negative.