This has been shown to us very graphically, especially in the last few weeks and months. The bushfires and fires in Australia, California are not the only countries when it comes to signs of change in our climate, but they show us more than clearly what is happening on our not so blue and green planet.

The fires have raged across the continents on the other side of the world. With an annual occasion. Climate researchers confirm that this is an effect of climate change. Every year the temperatures climb one step further up the ladder towards the sun. The result: hot and even drier summers – a vicious circle begins.

The dark billows of smoke that fly over the countries don’t mean well. The fires regularly generate more than half of the countrie’s annual CO2 emissions. And like everything on our planet, the atmosphere that surrounds it consists of a balanced mixture of chemical substances. A complex system made up of different gases.

The so-called greenhouse gases (CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, etc.) are responsible in this system for keeping our earth at an average temperature of +15 degrees. This is how we are only viable on earth, because -18 degrees as the standard would probably not be right for most of us.

Thermal radiation, emanating from the interior of our planet, which would normally escape into space, is absorbed by these gases and to a certain extent reflected back again. If these greenhouse gases multiply, due to human-made emissions, i.e. the emission of large parts of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide, the global temperature will ultimately rise. This is the so-called anthropogenic greenhouse effect.


Carbon dioxide is produced, for example, when fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas are burned. These substances are of organic origin and their molecular composition consists of carbon. This is released in the form of CO2 when burned. Humans make use of this released energy in many ways and produce a considerable amount of additional CO2 with their needs. On average 21% in the area of ​​heating and electricity, 21% in the area of ​​mobility and 15% through our nutrition. The fact that the area of ​​nutrition is only so “small” in this case is due to the fact that we are talking about CO2 and not methane. The remaining consumption is 37%. That is 11.6 tons per capita in Germany! This puts us above the global average of just under 5 tons.

The Federal Environment Agency states that there is definitely a correlation between the level of income and the level of CO2 consumption. As a result of our consumer behaviour and standard of living, we emit more CO2. This is due to frequent air travel and higher mileage due to the use of your own car. In the end, however, what really counts are fundamental decisions about transport, heating, consumption and eating habits.


Sometimes it seems to me that our earth has a fever. When infected, the human body increases its temperature in order to get rid of unwanted intruders and destroy them. However, if the temperature is too high, the body damages itself. Proteins and enzymes denature and they lose their function. I see a similar course on earth. The vicious circle I was talking about earlier.

The increased temperature leads to drought and drought, and fires arise. The green lungs of our planet are being destroyed and emitting CO2 instead of utilizing it and thus supplying us with vital oxygen. The greenhouse effect is intensified and the global average temperature continues to rise.


We must now do everything we can to lower the fever. Because we are responsible! And we at NAYA see this responsibility, which also goes hand in hand with launching a product, producing it and shipping it. That is why we give everything to implement our activities in a climate-neutral way and to give something back to nature. We stand for awareness and sustainable, environmentally friendly products!


Of course, climate neutral means a lot more than “just” reducing CO2 emissions. With annual compensation payments, we support projects such as the Tierra Radiante in Colombia where we source our Cacay from and regularly invest back to reforest the Amazon with the indigenous communities on the ground. In addition, we are supporting Acai Farmers in Brazil to continue harvest this superfruit for us. In this way, we offset the emissions that arise through our operations and can take various measures to protect the climate.

We want to give something back to the earth beyond climate neutrality and show our gratitude. That is why keep involving us in nature conservation associations such as Climate Partner and Woodland Trust. In this context, our tree nursery Tierra Radiante should not go unmentioned. By planting a tree for every order, we try to minimize the ecological footprint we leave behind.


The environmental expert Dr. According to Michael Bilharz, we should above all think about the big, overarching issues. So do you want to reduce your own personal ecological footprint or take a closer look at it? Then ask yourself which electricity you use, how often you use the car for short journeys, how the insulation of your house is and which foods you consume more often.

To make a contribution, use green electricity, switch to walking or cycling for short trips, avoid unnecessary heating with good insulation, buy mostly organic products and limit your consumption of animal products! More about it here.

It is also important that we recognize that climate protection is a task that can be shared. It can be very helpful to invest in larger climate protection projects and renewable energies. Often we can even reduce our per capita CO2 emissions in this way a lot more effectively than we could if we check every movement in our everyday life for its CO2 balance. Nevertheless, we are of the opinion: Rethinking starts with you! And rethinking is inevitable. So we are in demand!

We are the cause of the state in which our beautiful planet is. A planet that shares so many of its treasures with us, but only if we are willing to give something back. If we appreciate and respect its beauty and, above all, its transience. We only have this one earth. Just like we only have this one body.

To a new decade, full of awareness, responsibility and respect for our earth and our fellow human beings! Learn more how you can save the planet with our Refill Range.