We hear it all the time. Hydration is key to glowing skin. But how do we provide our body and skin with more hydration? We have talked about this at NAYA HQ and here are some handy tips to give your skin a glowing start.


Water is the simplest and most accessible beauty saviour for dehydrated skin. But not as many claim because water travels to the skin from the inside out. No. By drinking plenty of water it aids the digestion which ultimately can assist the skin to give it a beautiful glow. By drinking regularly water it supports the body to eliminate toxins from the body that can then have a positive effect on the skin.  When our body struggles to eliminate toxins through our digestive system, this can then appear on your skin.

What are you waiting for? Make the Hydration Mask a stable in your cupboard.


During my consultations, I often hear from customers they don’t use any Day cream, serums or anything after cleansing their face. Most of them experienced, irritated and stressed skin. Please apply something to your skin after you cleansed your face to support the microbiota and ultimately a strong skin barrier. In particular during winter and the change in season, our skin needs our help. If you’re looking to hydrate, use an incredibly nutritious but still light and fast-absorbing cream like Everyday Day Cream. Nourish skin with a layer of this light but intensive moisturiser which contains revolutionary antioxidant Butterfly Flower Extract to energise and laying a protective veil over your skin.


We all enjoy, during the colder winter months, a nice warm if not even hot bath and showers. Who doesn’t? Bath salts are plentiful and it is a treat after a long day and feels like a soothing hug. However, as relaxing as they sound to us and they might be – heat can be detrimental to your skin’s hydration. As the heat is stripping our skin from its natural oils; in particular if you suffer from Rosacea as well, it will make it flare up even worse. Thus, keep temperatures warm (don’t go too hot) and your bathing routine short. And use a nice hydrating body serum and oil after your session to give back to your skin and lock in the moisture as much as possible.


Our Face Oils reduce deep and fine lines, and wrinkles while helping to restore skin and elasticity. Ideal for all skin types, all our face oils contain Cacay Oil, a rare plant oil from the Amazon  that acts as a powerful antioxidant with a deep moisturising effect. It is also rich in vitamins that help tighten and tone skin, due to its fast-acting texture. Choose between our Everyday Face Oil and Renew Cacay Oil + A.

Lock moisture into your skin with the right facial oils. Those with oilier skin, I know oil might sound the opposite what you like to put on our skin, but the right oil will balance your own’s skin oil production and lock in the hydration to diminish fine lines and wrinkles for radiant glow. Your skin needs fats, at it outer barrier is made of it. So to strengthen the skin barrier it is the perfect solution. And you cannot argue with science. And we love Science at NAYA.


Eating a healthy balanced diet does wonders for your skin and looking after your liver is key to hydration. A sluggish liver won’t eliminate as effectively from your body than an active one which can ultimately impact your skin’s complexion. Remember your five a days and the diversity of foods in your day to day to provide your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function like a well oiled machine. Make it as colourful as possible and think rainbow.