Welcome to our Everyday Cacay range of multi-functioning heroes. Fewer products, created with the best science-backed proven ingredients and bioactives, designed to streamline your skincare routine.

Your Everyday Skincare routine, sorted!

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Love the Skin, You’re in. 

Cleansing Oil

STEP 1: Remove all traces of make-up, daily grime and pollution with our Everyday Cleansing Oil. Even waterproof Mascara has no chance and will be swiped clean.

This gentle cleansing oil supports the skin’s natural barrier with nourishing botanicals including Vitamin A, E and F rich Oil; omega-rich Hemp seed Oil to revitalise the skin, firming Cacay Oil and antioxidant-rich Pomegranate to fight oxidative stress. Suitable for all skin types and ages, use morning and evening. Either as the only cleanser in your daily routine or use it in your double cleansing routine


STEP 2: Apply a powerful hit of adaptogens using our Everyday Glow Serum.

This super-lightweight & creamy serum contains a high concentration of premier ingredients and works to transform dull, polluted and fatigued skin, for an instant luminous, dewy and radiant glow. Targeted bioactive botanicals include Vitamin A, E and F rich Cacay Oil to regenerate the skin, Vitamin C to fight oxidative stress and with nature’s answer to hydrate your skin with the silver ear mushroom. Finally, our unique Glow Complex with a powerful concentration of adaptogens to bring back the glow to your skin from within.

Day Cream / Oil

STEP 3: Balance and regenerate your skin with our award-winning Everyday Face Oil and and Everyday Protective Day Cream. The Everyday Protective Day Cream is rich in abundant levels of antioxidants Everyday Day Cream to protect your skin from environmental stressors during the day, while the Everyday Face Oil helps the skin’s regenerating process at night.

DAY: This lightly whipped, protective and preventative moisturiser lays a beautiful veil over your skin using ingredients with plant and flower botanicals to hydrate and soothe your skin throughout the day. Transforming the skin’s luminosity and protect it from UV and Bluelight everyday. It also contains hylauronic acid to bind moisture in your deeper skin layers keeping your skin plum and glowing from within.

NIGHT: This ultra-nourishing but still lightweight Face Oil protects your skin from water loss during the night and boosts your skin’s nightly repair mode for a dewy, youthful glow come the morning. Packed full of vitamins and fragranced with a harmonious essential oil blend of Patchouli, Juniper berry, and citrusy smells to help you unwind and relax. It is the perfect Face Oil to keep your skin in balance.


Start the 3-Step Everyday Cacay Oil Routine

Experience the ultimate 3-Step Everyday Cacay Oil Routine with our sustainably and effective Cacay Oil from our indigenous communities in Colombia. Start your journey with NAYA to truly transform your skin with The 3-Step Everyday Routine. Enjoy NAYA’s  core products to protect, prevent, balance and regenerate your skin from everyday environmental stressors bringing back your natural glow.

Use this 3-Step Everyday Cacay Oil Routine twice a day, every day and see a difference in your skin in only seven days. And join the women that experienced more luminous and radiant skin after using the routine for only one week.*

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Fast-track your results with these skin-supportive treatments.



Everyday is our most moisturizing and antioxidant-packed line, making it ideal for both everyday use. Its broad nutrient blend, makes it perfectly suited for for anyone who wants to keep their skin looking its healthiest. Packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and patented extracts, Everyday makes skin look firmer, smoother, and more radiant.

We recommend the serum before the oil first to ensure the actives in the serum skin into the skin. The oils are formulated to seal in any moisture and like ‘silicone’ act like a barrier to avoid moisture to be evaporating. (Please note, we don’t use any silicones in our products, and our ingredients are plant-derived, Ecocert and / or COSMOS certified).

Our serums and face oils, are equally potent and nourishing.

Our boosters are powder-based serum enhancers filled with potent antioxidants and skin nutrients, like vitamin C, Desertica, and Niacinamide. Many skincare lines include these ingredients in their water-based serums, but knowing that the ingredients break down over time in water—losing their potency—we keep them separate in dry, powder form, so you get the most potent and effective formula possible. Please use in recommended measurement and in combination with our serums.


Experience our recommended EVERYDAY Cacay Routine to support your skin in a hectic & modern lifestyle. Start your journey with NAYA to transform your skin with this bespoke Cacay Oil collection.

Learn more about Cacay Oil, our beauty secret from the Amazon here and the work we do.