Already few years ago I’ve decided to only use clean and organic products in my entire beauty routine. With that I was immediately stuck in the next decision process: which products would be the best for me and my skin type? Too many brands and too many products made it very confusing in the first step to find the ideal solution.

Luckily I stepped over Naya. The product philosophy as well as the products themselves immediately caught my attention. Naya perfectly nourishes every skin because all products can be used for all skin types and then there are some special heroes which help to ease individual skin problems.

I’m using the Everyday Collection for over one year now and I’m a fan of all products from day 1. So it’s finally time to share the products in detail with you.

My skin is the typical combination skin which breaks out from time to time cycle dependent.

Everyday Oil Cleanser

For many years I used „normal“ foaming cleansers so I was not sure in the beginning if an oil cleanser could do the same good job especially with my slightly oily skin. But I was taught better. You put the oil on your dry skin, massage it thoroughly and take it of with warm water. Doing so the cleanser will first turn in to a milky emulsion which can be swiped away with a wet towel. It removes makeup and dirt completely and the skin feels perfectly cleaned afterwards. Different to my former cleansers my skin doesn’t feel dry at all but smooth and nourished. Meanwhile I love this form of cleaning my skin and can’t imagine using my old products again.

Everyday Glow Serum

As a next step I use the Everyday Glow Serum. First of all you’ll be surprised by its green colour which is caused by all its natural ingredients. The serum contains a Glow Complex which gives my skin instantly more freshness. One or two pumps are more than enough and the skin feels soft and perfectly nourished. The serum is quickly absorbed into my skin and can be combined easily with following skin care products. I really love it because my skin feels so smooth afterwards and – like you can guess from its name – gets a beautiful instant glow.

Everyday Day Cream

During the day I like to follow then with the Everyday Day Cream. Its mousse-like texture is quickly absorbed and is the ideal base if you want to use makeup as a final step. Another advantage is the blue light filter which protects my skin from our modern devices’ radiance. So this cream is my perfect companion day in and day out. My skin feels smooth after every appliance and is perfectly protected from daily environmental aggressors.

Everyday Face Oil

During winter times or also on some evenings I like to use skin products which nourish my skin even more. For those moments Naya’s Everyday Face Oil is perfect. As required I mix one or two drops in to my Everyday Day Cream and have a skin care booster in the twinkle of an eye if my skin wants to get even more pampered. Of course you can also use the oil by itself. Especially in combination with the Everyday Glow Serum it helps your skin to seal the moisture in and grooms it with many nourishing ingredients.

If I only use the oil it’s important that the skin is still a little wet and the oil is massaged into it. So it can be absorbed best.

Hydration Mask

Last but not least there’s Naya’s secret beauty weapon: the Hydration Mask. I love using this mask as my very personal spa moment at home after an exhausting day. You put the mask all over your face and it’s absorbed more or less completely. Remaining stains can be „rubbed off“ carefully. Thanks to hyaluronic acid molecules of different sizes which are absorbed into all different skin layers my skin is pumped up with moisture and feels incredibly smoothy and perfectly pampered.

Insider tipp: You can also use the mask overnight and you’ll wake up the other day with baby soft skin. Who’s not dreaming of it?

Are you also convinced now?

If you also want to try the Everyday Collection and do something good for your skin and our environment, please click here.

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Everyday Glow Serum
Hydration Mask