We use amber and miron glass bottles for all our skincare products to help preserve the integrity of the cold-pressed, plant-based oils inside and protected from any light. We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint, and off-set it and finally encourage our customers to recycle or find creative ways to reuse our bottles. ⁠⁣⁠

Please do bring glass to a recycle facility as glass, while it can be recycled, it can take up to 1 million years before it turns into dust if left somewhere sitting. ⁠In Germany and other continental European countries, you have glass recycling containers. Please do contact your council or city office to find out further details.

Alternatively, our glass bottles and jars can be recycled and / or up-cycled as single stem vases, or liquid spray-bottles or as a dispenser.⁣⁠ 🌱

⁠⁣⁠To our customers who fell in love with our products

You can re-buy our products with a recycled tin lid and you can re-use the pipette and / or the pump lid from your previous pipette. The refill products will come without the outer packaging as well. See our products below that are part of our Refill Service.

Our Refill Service

Please head to our Shopping Page and go to the product that you are interested in re-ordering. Please select the ‘Refill’ Option from the drop down box when selecting your option. When it arrives, switch the lids using the previous lid from your previous product. Please do not mix the lids around and use the same you previously used for the same product. Unless you are able to disinfect it properly.

Everyday Day Cream Refill Service

Everyday Day Cream

Everyday Glow Serum


NAYA is a committed brand.

Committed to you to transform one skin at a time.

And committed to giving back to nature what we take out.⁠


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