Life is full of tough trade-offs. Your beauty routine

— should not be one of them.

That’s why we created NAYA: to provide safely made products,

give back what we take out and and transform one skin at a time.

No compromises required.

Potent and Proven is only the beginning 

We are constantly seeking out the best available resources— from the latest scientific advances to bioactives used for centuries—to create products that are better, in so many ways. We use lesser ingredients, at higher concentration to give your skin more of our scientifically proven star ingredients. 

A ‘less is more’ approach is not only more sustainable to the planet, it is more sustainable to your skin, providing exactly the nutrients your skin needs without the layering of hundred of different ingredients a day. In our view, quality is key when it comes to luxury. 

We do things differently: we provide safely made products, give back to nature what we take out and and transform one skin at a time. No compromises required. 

Safe for people and the planet. 

Every NAYA formula contains COSMOS and Ecocert certified ingredients that have been tested and shown ground-breaking sciences to improve your skin. And our unwavering standards don’t stop there: Our products are developed, produced, packaged, and shipped to you in ways that minimize their impact on the environment. We obsess over every detail, so you can enjoy the benefits, worry free.

There are no synthetic chemicals nor nice-to-haves in our products. We would never include anything we would not use on ourselves or our loved ones, and we use only what is necessary so you get maximum benefit from each hard-working ingredient. These exceptional and proven ingredients are why our customers consistently achieve skin lasting results. As our formulations restore, rebalance and protect the skin and work to boost the skin’s inherent abilities to repair itself, grow healthy cells and combat environmental and internal stressors. 

“Our approach to skincare goes beyond our products. We work closely with farmers and other partners across the globe to establish good practices that will deliver the purest ingredients to nourish your skin, feed your soul and calm your mind.” 

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Motivated by a Beautiful Mission

After getting fed-up with the lack of transparency by the brands in the beauty industry, our founder, Sarah, channeled her frustration with the beauty industry into research—and a passion for creating proven, potent, and sustainable products that are sustainable to the customer’s skin and the planet.

Sarah’s bold vision motivates the people around her. We care deeply, and we are inspired every day by a magnificent mixture of nature, innovation, and the challenge of combining the two, so you do not need to make any compromises. Skincare that truly transforms and gives back.

We partner closley with our local partner to achieve our conservation goal of protecting 30-50 hectares of prime forest and recruit up to 50 new families to support adopting an agroforestry approach to grow Cacay and other beautiful plants that are indigenous to Colombia and provide a sustainable income stream for the local communities.