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What inspired me to start Naya

In an ideal world, we’d be eating the right foods, living stress-free lives, doing yoga and meditation every day to feel ZEN, et voilà! Gorgeous skin.

We have made tremendous progress since man first walked the Earth. There is much to be proud of. However, we are paying the price for this in some areas of our lives today. Pollution, plastics, chronic stress, poor sleep, hectic lifestyles and poor nutrition affect our minds, bodies and also our skin, causing inflammation, dehydrated skin, increase in sebum production or premature ageing.

I struggled with adult acne due to hormonal imbalance, environmental stressors, and a high-pressured corporate job from my late teens until my late 20’s. I suffered from PCOS for many years and saw a range of doctors to help me reduce the effects. All it did was manage the symptoms and not the cause.

Thus I set out on my own journey to find a way to manage my hormonal imbalance and the environmental stressors that triggered the symptoms. I studied nutrition, attended health-related workshops, started yoga, meditation and even became a life coach to learn more about myself, my mind and my body; and how to obtain balance and harmony within.

 “I wanted to combine science and nature using sustainably sourced bioactive ingredients to deliver meticulously formulated products from seed to skin to gently transform your skin and bring back your natural glow, while being planet conscious.”

On this journey, I learned that what you put inside your body is as important as what you do outside and what you think. Your mind, gut and skin are all connected in ways you’re probably not aware of, and which science has yet to fully understand. Knowing this inspired me to create highly effective natural beauty products to help solve skin issues as I know how bad skin can impact one’s confidence.

My mission is to support people in their journey towards better skin – to provide meticulously formulated skincare that uses only scientifically proven ingredients at higher concentrations to nourish skin with the nutrients it needs in a minimalistic way. We truly believe ‘Less is more’ in all facets of our lives and want to focus on what matters; no fluff, no fillers. 

Our skin is a reflection of what we consume, how we feel about ourselves and what happens within and around us.

Feeling emboldened, I started Naya, an intelligent premier plant-based skincare line. This natural skincare line is packed with scientifically proven bioactive ingredients meticulously formulated by a team of Green Scientists safely in our Boutique Lab in Germany. Formulation that sink deep into the dermis, our ethically and sustainably sourced bioactive ingredients work their magic to repair, re-balance and nourish the skin from within. Our star ingredient, Cacay Oil sourced directly from indigenous communities in Colombia, is an amazing powerhouse accompanied by science and many other star ingredients in our products.

By helping your skin to stay healthy longer, manage the level of inflammation within the skin by addressing the cause and introducing a minimalistic approach, we support you to have the best natural defence against various skin conditions and external environmental triggers.

“We want to build a community to help us

spread the message that intelligent, plant-based formulated skincare

can deliver the healthy glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of.”

Who is Naya Skincare for?

We developed Naya for women and men who seek plant-based skincare without dubious ingredients. For them, intelligent plant-based ingredients are paramount, and the science and social good behind it is essential. It is not about the quantity but the quality of the bioactive ingredients and nutrients one nurtures one’s own skin. And thus share with us our philosophy less is more and also understand it takes a holistic approach to beautiful skin.

Our audience perceives skincare routine as an important moment for them to feel connected to themselves, and a reminder to take care of our body and mind.

Watch and observe your skin; no one month is the same for our skin with stress, hormones, seasonal and environmental conditions constantly challenging the status quo. In fact, the condition of our skin changes throughout the day too. Hence it is important to take the long view on skincare and to be watchful and mindful of your overall wellbeing.

Our approach is about investing in yourself. I’m very excited about our journey and believe that once you experience Naya, you will see and feel the difference.

Thank you for taking the time to discover Naya. We hope you share our passion.

With Love