Elevate your skincare with our Booster

We created our Booster products to provide customers with the extra boost of minerals and vitamins to their skincare. Each Booster is meticulously formulated in our lab in Germany.  As each Boosters contain a high potent formulation rich in vitamins to boost your every day skincare routine. And they include a unique bioactives and proven ingredients in the formulation to upgrade your existing skincare products. You can either use our boosters in combination with your existing skincare products to provide an additional boost of vitamins and minerals. Or on the other hand, if you are already a loyal NAYA customer, you can elevate our Everyday Collection with our booster collection to give your skincare an upgrade.

Boosters  address a certain skin need. Either your skin is particularly dehydrated, you suffer from hyperpigmentation during the summer month or you experience an increase in blemishes. The booster will address your skin’s needs. You can apply them as often as required.

The boosters are suitable for all skin types including sensible skin. And you can use them day and night.

What customers have been saying about our boosters. “It smells like a smoothie”.

Finally, all boosters contain COSMSO / Ecocert certified bioactives proven to transform your skin. No GMO. 100% cruelty-free and vegan. And produced in a carbon neutral way. As we are offsetting our CO2 emission by investing into United Nations Projects across the globe.