Discover our perfect night time routine
Discover our night time routine.
Our Renew Cacay Oil + A is a marriage between science and nature.  Cacay Oil is certainly the hottest export from the Amazon. When we came across it, we conducted our own research working with institutions such as Derma Consultant and BASF to research the ingredient and test it for its effectiveness but also if it does contain retinol. And we were able to find pure retinol in Cacay Oil. This is unheard of as it is typically only found in animal-derived products thus making it quite an innovation. But in addition, we found that one could use it everyday – day and night – as it behaves differently to the traditional pure retinol. Making it a natural alternative.
However, the effectivenss in comparison to pure Retinol is still not the same. Thus we created our Renew Cacay Oil + A to marry nature with science.

We use Retinol at the European recommended dosage of 0.3% as it is then considered as tolerable by the skin including sensitive skin.

Learn more about our award-winning Renew Cacay Oil + A product and check out the product page to learn more about it. In addition, you can find some more information on Retinol on our article over here.

All products contain COSMSO / Ecocert certified bioactives proven to transform your skin. No GMO. 100% cruelty-free and vegan. And produced in a carbon neutral way. We are offsetting our CO2 emission by investing into United Nations Projects across the globe.