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We have carefully curated our Discovery & Gift sets to give you a chance to explore our products. Thus it will allow you discover the perfect product for your skin, to transform your skin. Alternatively, you can also introduce NAYA to your friend and/or family to join the beauty revolution.

NAYA introduced a concept of EVERYDAY to demystify and streamline your every day skincare ritual. Our 3-Steps Everyday Cacay Routine consists of four products that is suitable for every skin type and can be used every day. The Everyday Cacay Routine includes a Day Cream, Glow Serum, Face Oil and Cleansing Oil. We also offer the EVERYDAY Cacay Collection as an Everyday Cacay Sample Collection to tip your toes into the natural skincare range.

Enjoy our best quality Cacay Oil across the products that is directly sourced from the Amazon from indigenous communities.
The Discovery & Gifts are suitable for all skin types including sensible skin. They are the perfect present to yourself or to a loved one.

All products contain COSMSO / Ecocert certified bioactives proven to transform your skin. No GMO. 100% cruelty-free and vegan. And produced in a carbon neutral way. We are offsetting our CO2 emission by investing into United Nations Projects across the globe.

  • This allows you to get the most out of your products:
    • 2 high quality spatulas in a set
    • Perfect for the creamy leftovers in your glass bottles
    • Can be used to measure the powder from out Antioxidant Defence Booster
    • Are suitable for any bottle sizes and future sizes
    • Made of stainless steel
    • Sustainable
    • Length is up to 210 mm
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    Designed to offer the ultimate treatment for all skin types and ages, the Glow Collection is the ideal way to experience NAYA's best selling product with our innovative new product. Supercharge your skin with The Everyday Glow Serum and combine with our Defense Brightening Vitamin C Powder. The perfect pairing for skin that glows with natural luminosity. The ingredients work to protect, restore and balance the skin, help to boost collagen and repair damage while pure and high concentration of potent Vitamin C evens out your skin tone for radiance come the morning. INCLUDED IN THE SET:
    • Everyday Glow Serum
    • Antioxidant Defense Booster
      You can upgrade your GLOW Collection and add either our EVERYDAY Face Oil or RENEW Cacay Oil + A to the collection for the ultimate Glow-up Experience.  
  • Delivered in January 2021


    Welcome to our Everyday Cacay range of multi-functioning heroes. Fewer products, created with the best science-backed proven ingredients and bioactives, designed to streamline your skincare routine.

    Your Everyday Skincare routine, sorted!

    Use this 3-Step Everyday Cacay Oil Collection twice a day, every day and see a difference in your skin in only seven days.


      • Everyday Cleansing Oil (50ml)
      • Everyday Glow Serum (30ml)
      • Everyday Day Cream (50ml)
      • Everyday Face Oil (30ml)
    Choose between: Please leave a comment on the checkout page if you like our Everyday Face Oil or Renew Cacay Oil + A to be added to the collection.