Elevate your Aura

Re-balance + Re-harmonise

Aura Essence is an innovative formulation to balance your microbiome, protect the skin’s immunity and deeply hydrate your skin after your cleansing step. It is a combination between a toner and a serum. Science married with nature’s best to bring back a plump complexion.


Delivered w/c 21st June

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ADDRESSES: Dryness/Dehydration, Rough Texture, Dullness, Elasticity, Uneven Skin Tone, Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

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Introducing NAYA’s new Aura Hydration Essence; a multi-functional formula designed to restore, rebalance and re-hamonise the skin’s microbiome and strengthening the skin barrier. This potent low molecular formula penetrates deep into the epidermis for a dewy complexion and to boost the skin microbiome for a healthy and even skin tone. Powerful antioxidants including Butterfly Flower Extract and Superoxide Dismutase work to bolster the skin barrier whilst providing protection from external aggressors. Our Hemp Seed extract derives from seeds treated with an exclusive Bioliquefaction Technology in order to release the complete phytocomplex of the plant. Thus it is able to positively modulate the microbiota of healthy skin and helps skin and skin microbiota to recover from irritations and biodiversity depletion. The addition of five types of Hyaluronic Acid, guarantees maximum hydration around the clock.

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Key Ingredients

Hemp Seed Extract_Aura Essence_NAYA
SOD_Aura Essence_NAYA
Magnolia_Aura Essence
Hyaluron_Aura Essence_NAYA
Butterlfy Flower


Increase in skin elasticity
Sooth irritation_NAYA
Skin Barrier improvement
Aura Video_NAYA


You can use it Morning & night. Apply one pump to after your cleansing step. For oily skin, you can combine Aura with our Everyday Glow Serum. Skin that is drier you can combine it with our Everyday Day Cream and Everyday Face Oil. Combination, you can combine Aura Essence with Everyday Dace Cream. You can mix and match it and integrate it into your Everyday Ritual.

Safe for People, Animals and the Planet

All of our products are made safely and going through rigorous testing based on EU Cosmetic Regulations – the toughest regulations to develop and launching products to make products without questionable ingredients that could be harmful to the human and environmental health.  As a vegan & cruelty-free company, we are also PETA certified, and our products are free of genetically modified organisms.

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