Brighten + Repair

The Defence Booster provides an extra boost of antioxidant and protects your skin against environmental pollution.

Boost collagen, fight sun damage, and firm skin, it dissolves and activates when mixed with your existing moisturizer or face serum. Applied regularly, skin appears brighter with less visible fine lines and wrinkles.




Kaolin, Plum Oil and Cacay Oil smooth the skin texture. While vitamin c, desertica, niacinamide and Schisandra work on a cellular level to stimulate collagen production.


L-ascorbic acid, desertification and Schisandra fights UV damage and protects skin from internal and external aggressors. This function is twice as effective when you add niacinamide to the mix like we do.


The pure form of Vitamin c is a volatile ingredient. It is hard to stabilize and maintain, which means most products toting its benefits are not nearly as effective as they claim to be. And as soon as you open that lid, its effectiveness evaporates into thin air. Antioxidant Defence Booster is different. We use a powdered form of pure Asorbic Acid that does not activate until you want it to and need it to.

We mix l-ascorbic acid—aka pure vitamin c—with a plant-based antioxidant from the desert called Deserticola. Both are proven to stimulate collagen production and fight sun damage. Then we add an additional antioxidant, Nianicamide to strenghten your skin barrier. We add Schisandra Extract to protect your skin from any pollution and top it up with cacay oil and plum oil for Vitamin A, E and essential fatty acids. Finally kaolin to exfoliate, soothe and heal the skin.

Scent: Natural to subtle marzipan scent.

Touch: A fine pulver.

Included: A small 0.05g spoon.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin type. Particular for sun damaged skin and skin that experiences hyperpigmentation. Also good for combination skin, skin that experience scaring from blemishes as it helps to even out the skin appearance.

Volume: 12g

Made in: Germany

Our Science

Learn more about our Scenedesmus Deserticola Ferment Extract and head over to our Green Science page. 

Our Certification

How to use

Dissolve 0.05g in the palm of your hand with water or your favourite serum and apply it to your face, neck—and décolletage if you feel like it. With daily use, you can expect brighter skin + a visible reduction in fine lines, scarring, and pigmentation. Spoon included with the product.

An incredibly potent antioxidant treatment for every skin type and issue. It is gentle enough for every day use. For ultra-sensitive skin, please apply a couple of times only per week till you build up a stronger skin barrier.

Essential oils, silicone and fragrance free. Vegan and cruelty-free. 100% non-GMO.

Secondly, you can add it to our Everyday Cleansing Oil to gently exfoliate your skin.

Ultra-sensitive skin, please patch test always. And also gently introduce the product into your skincare regime till your skin has build a stronger skin barrier. Before incorporating any new skin care product to your routine, we always recommend patch-testing.



Ascorbic Acid, Kaolin, Prunus Domestica Seed Extract^, Niacinamide, Scenedesmus Deserticola Ferment Extract, Caryodendron Orinocense Seed Oil*, Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract^

Free From: Silicon, Fragrances, GMOs. Learn more about our Free From Promise.


^COSMOS certified

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