​How we do invest your money

Your contribution will support the following:

  • At this stage we are focusing on planting Cacay trees for season 2021/22.
  • You will support the growth of the Tierra Radiante projects, cost of the seeds, provide working materials, the resources to educate the local communities how to care for their trees once re-planted into the agro-forestry areas and water supply.
  • A percentage will be contributed to put protective measures into place to prevent deforesting of the trees.


Ultimately supporting the local communities to receive an alternative income – which is priceless.

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Plant a Tree with Naya

And Become part of the Tierra Radiante ProjectRoots to Glow

​In 2021, we will be going over to Colombia during the Cacay harvest season while working on our Tierra Radiante project. In November last year, we launched the project and ultimately, when you shop with us, we plant a tree for each order we receive. In return you can match this, and we will plant two trees per order. Ultimately, this supports the agro-forestry project in Colombia and our objective to protect 30-50 hectares of land. If you would like to have your own tree planted, or in the name of a friend, we would love to do this for you. Each tree will receive their dedicated name-tag. We’ll plant in agro-forestal areas with indigenous and local communities. The objective is to reconnect our customers back to nature as a reminder for us where life has once started. And ultimately, to empower the local communities to become the guardians of these sacred forests to protect nature, mitigate climate change, supply the communities with an alternative income so they don’t need to leave their land behind to move into the cities. We want them to become the guardians of those forests! If not them, who else? Become part of this movement!

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