SPA and Wellness

SPA is the abbreviation for “sanus per aquam” which translates to “health through water” (A van Tubergen, S van der Linden, 2002). Until today it hasn’t been clarified, if the meaning of SPA might have another origin. It may also derive from the Belgian seaside resort of the same name, where British tourists enjoyed applications as early as the 16th century (A van Tubergen, S van der Linden, 2002). Alternatively, many people believe that SPA is a synonym for wellness and that both terms have the same meaning. This is not true.

What means wellness

The term wellness basically stands for all applications that have a positive effect on our well-being. These include, for example, massages, Far Eastern relaxation methods, meditations and gentle movement types such as Qi Gong. SPA, on the other hand, only covers applications that use the energy and power of water. While such treatments were only possible in hotels and health care facilities until a few years ago, the current trend is very much in the direction of Home SPA.

SPA: Balm for body and soul

Balancing body, mind and soul: this is probably the goal of SPA applications in the broadest sense. In addition, great importance is attached to a pampering effect and an experience for the senses – smell, touch, sight, sound and taste. During a SPA session, these factors enable a person to immerse her/himself completely. As a result, leaving everyday worries behind. Apart from a relaxing ambiance and often enhanced by soothing sounds. In addition, special SPA products are also used such as shower creams and bath products with certain properties:

  • (invigorating, relaxing, soothing),
  • scrubs,
  • body butter, lotions,
  • and tea or
  • a herbal brew.
Woman sitting in a pool of water

The Home – Spa Experience

These products are characterised by high-quality ingredients, such as plants with healing properties and natural ingredients. And mineral salts are also a focus. The SPA experience also invigorates the skin. Rich formulas can get rid off dead skin and provide optimal hydration, firming texture or a combination of different treatments. Ultimatley, to regenerate or even rejuvenate the skin.

What we want to achieve for you

Our objective at Naya is to develop effective and pampering products for your needs. Using superior bioactive ingredients and a luxurious feel to spoil yourself. To enjoy SPA-like experiences in the comfort of your home. Our products are formulated by experts with more than 30 years of experience in this field. And  they are safely made in Germany using state-of-the-art processing technology. We are confident you will experience true quality.



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