Spring has arrived

When the long winter finally comes to an end and we step outside our homes to enjoy the first warming sunshine, it is time to adjust the skin to spring and summer. Instead of wintry paleness, sun-kissed skin is announced again. It is often forgotten that the delicate rays of the spring sunshine are quite intense. Those who refrain from good sun protection when it comes to skincare in the spring, don’t do a favour to their skin. As our skin needs to slowly adjust and get used to the sun rays again after a long winter. And even if it has built its own protection, this is barely enough to effectively prevent sunburn, premature ageing and possible wrinkles. The top rule for skincare in spring is therefore. Never give up high-quality sun protection. 

Get your skin ready for the spring

Moving from drying heating air to icy cold climates and back. This constant change made the skin in winter hard to manage. With a thorough exfoliation, the old, dry dandruff can now be removed. With a subsequent face mask even the smallest dirt can be pulled out of the pores. So that the complexion quickly looks much rosier and fresher again. In addition, the skin should be supplied in the spring with sufficient moisture. Anyone who refrained from using skin protection products during the winter months should now use nourishing creams to protect the skin from the sun. For example, face care products with a variable UV protection are recommended.  In addition, in this season, the motto is “less is more”. Instead of resorting to heavy make-up, a slightly tinted day cream is usually sufficient for skincare in spring.

Skincare in spring: the freshness kick for rosy-looking skin

Sun protection and moisture instead of overly greasy creams and too much make-up. The secret recipe for skin care in spring is that simple. Now that the sebaceous glands are more active again and the skin regenerates faster, an additional peeling can also be very useful. And not just for the face, shower scrubs for the body do well after the long winter. Finally, use products with hyaluronic acid and regularly move in the fresh air. It creates the best conditions for the complexion to be healthy and radiantly beautiful in the warm season. 

Sprint time: Organic & wild-harvested Cacay Oil

As the Cacay harvesting time is coming to an end, we have freshly cold-pressed Cacay Oil available. And of course used in our new batch that is now available online. Enjoy our light-weight texture to support your skin getting used to the change in the weather.

Conclusion: Community-Sourced Organic Cacay Oil

At NAYA, #sustainabilitymatters . More than ever today, it is so important to not only produce quality products. But it is also key to look back and where and how we source our ingredients which we use in our meticulously formulated products. At NAYA, we think – high-quality and safely formulated products are not enough to meet the knowledgeable and informative consumer of today. In a market that noisy and at its peak of saturation. It is about being transparent from seed to skin and invest into communities that harvest indigenous products and not plantation based, mass produced ingredients. And that makes us different and unique. We work directly with farmers to source the Cacay oil we are using in our products. The farmers we are working with use only organic fertilisers, pick cacay nuts from mature trees that are part of the primary rainforest.