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Personally, I am not a big drinker but always felt the social pressure to have a drink to socialise with people when at a bar, pub, Biergarten etc (Covid in that way is certainly a blessing ;) ) there were not many alternatives. Yes, sure there is Seedlip, which more or less is quite a sweet cordiol and other alternatives like “cranberry juice” but nothing that could be quite considered an acceptable sociable drink on a Friday night. Thus I was pleased when speaking to a very good friend of mine, Mike Turner from Feel Good Grape when he told me about Three Spirit Drinks. I had to explore them and give them a try and introduce them to you in our Sustainability Series. With Easter approaching and a nice reason to pop a bottle – why not explore something different for the long weekend ahead.

About Three Spirit Drinks


Why did you launch Three Spirit Drinks?

There has always been two options for social occasions, ‘drinking’ and ‘not drinking.’ We wanted to create a third way of drinking for people who still enjoy the social aspects and rituals that come with alcohol. Our mission is to show people that alcohol-free doesn’t mean pleasure-free, and we want to power those social occasions with plants.

What is your vision for Three Spirit Drinks?

As in life, the magic is in fluctuations – every night out (or in!) has different phases to it, and different drinks fit different moods. Our range of spirits is designed to bring the power of plants to the whole event, start to finish.

The Livener is there to act as the perfect party pick-me-up with euphoric-inducing ingredients like schisandra and guayusa. Social Elixir is great as a social companion, with ingredients like lion’s mane mushroom giving you a blissful feeling. Finally there’s Nightcap, which is pretty explanatory by the name, helping you unwind with ingredients like valerian root and lemon balm.

Bring all three of our drinks or choose the one that best suits your mood and occasion!

When did you know that your business could become a success?

It was probably last year when we launched Nightcap and it became hugely popular for those wanting to improve their sleep and winding down in the evening. To see people responding to the drinks and their different functions was really exciting. The pandemic was difficult in many ways, but Three Spirit Drinks saw online drink sales rocket by 200% since January 2020, and it only increased under lockdown. So 2020 was a significant year for our business, even as we were all dealing with the effects of the pandemic. We were really proud to keep up with the pace and keep production going too.

What does sustainability mean to you?

As a business, it’s to actively pursue practices that protect the preservation of the planet. As an individual, I think it’s taking responsibility for the small things and looking to change both habits and products.

Are there any sustainable business practices you’re particularly proud of as a brand?

Our packaging uses only recycled or recyclable materials derived from sustainable sources. This includes bottles, protective packaging and decorative packaging. We do a lot on our end; all energy at Three Spirit offices is derived from renewable and sustainable resources, with a little help from companies like Who Gives a Crap and Bower Collective! But we expect our suppliers and farmers to hold themselves to the same high environmental and ethical working standards too -and have policies in place to ensure that our partners are audited to ensure this.

What are the most challenging areas you’ve had to navigate in order to be sustainable?

We’ve worked hard to make our practices fair and sustainable, which means our ingredients cost more to source and therefore our drinks are more expensive to make. As a small business we don’t have the luxury of buying in bulk -yet!

Any must-follow eco-friendly/sustainable Instagram Accounts?

We love our horticulturists here at Three Spirit Drinks. Michael Perry aka @mr_plantgeek is an ambassador of ours and is really fantastic, @giantveg is inspiring with growing your own plants and Ellen Mary Gardening’s online website and blog, Wellbeing Studio is fabulous all around for being kinder to the planet -and oneself.

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“I’m a country girl, so I want to escape the city whenever I can!”

Three Spirits Drink
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What does your self-care routine/ritual look like?

Probably not as good as it should! I have having 2 little boys and a start up, the chaos is hard to avoid. I’m pretty healthy, i walk to work, i’m looking forward to the gym re-opening as i like going to classes. Dash makes us Cacao hot chocolate at work which he swears by, and i take a mix of supplements. Lots of Nightcaps in the bath, i love cooking, seeing friends, and having fun are things i view as important to my happiness. But not putting too much pressure on yourself, as a Mum you can feel guilty a lot and its important to give yourself a break, and do what makes you feel good.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside?

I’m a country girl, so i want to escape the city whenever I can! I recently discovered a sweet little canoe club in the village where my parents live and took my 6 year old out canoeing for the afternoon which was amazing. It probably hasn’t changed in 30 years, at only £3 a head it felt like discovering a wonderful little secret club.

How do you like to surprise a loved one?

Well i work with my husband which has its pros and cons, and we spend a lot of time together. I love buying presents, from a piece of cheese at a market, to planning fun trips. I’m not very good at containing my excitement so not sure how much surprising goes on though.

I am really excited about this – a new way of socialising. Thank you so much Dash & Tatiana for taking the time answering our questions. Cheers! And learn more about Three Spirits Drinks.