During this Sustainability Series, we would like to introduce you to the beautiful sustainable enterprise YUTYBAZAR launched by Simi. We had the great pleasure to speak with Simi from YUTYBAZAR who launched a AI platform to reduce wasteful consumption and find the right product to meet the customers skin needs the first time. Please learn more about Simi and YUTYBAZAR and what makes them so special.

No 01 Why did you launch YUTYBAZAR?

I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all philosophy when it comes to beauty!

The disabling issue of not being able to find the right skincare, hair care and cosmetic products suited to my individual needs was a problem which required solving, and having realised I wasn’t alone, I wanted to create a place where conscious beauty shoppers could discover conscious beauty brands, evaluate, validate their goals and concerns leveraging our proprietary AI algorithms, and purchase all in one inclusive place.

YUTYBAZAR was an opportunity to advance the diversity, inclusion and sustainability agenda with an AI driven beauty marketplace, which helps customers make informed buying decisions, through relevant and accurate recommendations thus elevating the customer experience.

No 02 What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means meeting my individual needs, without compromising the needs of future generations. I came across this definition when I was reading a paper, and it discussed the McGill University definition of sustainability which is essentially the same. When I discuss YUTYBAZAR and how our mission is rooted in sustainability, it genuinely is, as our focus isn’t just on our impact on the environment, but our impact on one another – which is why we have our pillars of inclusivity, driving equity as well as being conscious and values driven, and our brand partners are the same.

I am hoping that my future great grandchildren will be proud of what I have tried to do, elevating brands that have been left out of the beauty narrative, or focus on sustainability throughout their supply chain, ethically sourcing their ingredients, giving back to local communities, using recyclable and refillable packaging materials.

No 03 Any must-follow eco-friendly/sustainable Instagram Accounts?

The accounts that I follow on Instagram are S.A.G.E Innovation (@sageinnovationcentre) as they share and discuss innovation solutions and practises for climate resilience, this was actually founded by Naza Alakija an advisor to UNICEF,  who I also follow (@NazaAlakija). Other accounts I follow include (@we_are_thrift) for clothes donation, as I practise a 1 in 1 out policy when it comes to my minimalist wardrobe, (@future__dust) which is a space for responsible fashion, (@theslowfactory) and (@futureearth)

No 04 What does your selfcare routine/ritual look like?

Currently I am in lockdown in London, homeschooling and running  YUTYBAZAR. The little time I have to focus on self care is the few minutes I have a day which is dedicated to looking and feeling presentable. Starting with moisturising my entire body with oils from Terres d’Afrique, the same for my hair which I wear low – so I am able to give myself quite good head massages. I also use tools such as Gua Sha from Dehiya Beauty and Jade Roller to apply my skincare products and again massage for relieving tension and boosting circulation.

No 05 What type of skincare products do you use in the morning and in the evening?

I have been recommended skincare products through the YUTYBAZAR algorithms, some of which can be used in multiple steps which is great when one is time poor. All the beauty products I use have conscious values from the eco friendly ingredients used, to being recyclable and refillable. Due to lack of sleep and not drinking as much as I should, I have been recommended both oil based cleanser and water based cleanser, alongside toner, serum, eye serums and creams and moisturisers – I absolutely love applying my hydration mask from Epara at the end of each week.

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