What the Gua Sha Practice Did To My Skin + How to Do It Yourself

What the Gua Sha Practice Did To My Skin + How to Do It Yourself

Gua Sha Review: What 2 Weeks Of Gua Sha Did To My Skin + How to Do It Yourself

If you’ve spent enough time on any social media channel—be it Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok and all the others —you’ve probably seen a Gua Sha stone. And Gua Shas in various shapes and forms. The pretty crystal are far more than just a trendy skin care ritual beloved by wellness influencers and beauty gurus. They have long-standing part in the eastern medicine but even used by Physio Practitioners in the Western World. Facial gua sha is a specific type of massage ausing a scraping tool to encourage circulation and lymph flow. It is not uncommon to see images of people with red strokes over their body. As this is what Gua Sha translate into ‘to scrap’. So don’t be a fool. This is a powerful tool! Thus apply it with caution and the right practice.

And to learn more about how to cultivate a daily practice, you can learn more about Gua Sha and how to apply it here on our IGTV channel.

A review of daily Gua Sha Facial Practice

Stage N01

At first, I broke out a little bit.

Not exactly what you’d expect from a skin-soothing treatment. If you’re starting any kind of facial massage regimen, whether it’s gua sha or another type of lymphatic drainage, breakouts can occur. It’s like stirring up the muck from the bottom of a pont. The immediate response would be to stop – but don’t. If you, too, start to notice breakouts on your face after trying a few consecutive days of gua sha, focus on downward strokes starting from the jaw line and ending at the year.

Read this: We want to be transparent with you though. While it has been used in Chinese Medicine for years – and even my Physio applied it on my back to remove scar tissues as I suffered from severe back pain, there is yet not a long list of studies to confirm that Gua Sha actually encourage lymphatic drainage and if this is good for your skin. The judgement is still out there. So there isn’t a black or white answer to this, we are afraid.

Stage N02

Became acquainted with your face.

You can see stress in your face. It is not only a reflection of your soul when you feel stressed but the things we do to hold on to the stress subconsciously becomes visible in all areas. Some people become tension in their back, bum or shoulders. Some crunch their teeth and ultimately the tension ends up in your face. Knots are stating to form. By running a flat stone over the contours of your face, it allows you to learn more about your face what you previously might have not been aware of. Knowing this, that you can hold tension in your face as you do in the rest of your body, you become more aware of the nuances of your face. So we become aware not only of how we hold our body but also how we hold our face. And regular facial massages can help us do that.

Amethyst Gua Sha
Stage N03

Pay attention to your neck.

A self gua sha doesn’t start in the face though. It starts with your neck and décolletage. If you are comfortable with the usage of a gua sha, you can apply pressure to tensed muscles around your neck and shoulder area to release the tension. Ultimately that tension is also visible in your face as it a lot of the time leads to tension headaches.

Stage N04

The shape of the face starts to change.

As gua sha is often touted as “natural Botox”. And thus, many hope to ease lines and focus on specific areas of concerns when it comes to their gua sha practice. Most ladies don’t welcome the deep fine lines on our foreheads. And they wish them away! The worrisome forehead lines. You can apply a technique where you hold the skin around the forehead lines taunt and take the stone at 90 degrees and move the stone up and down over the wrinkle/s. It not only helps to reduce the visibility of the lines as it breaks down the scar tissues that has form around it, but it also eases of tension.

Overall, you start to notice that my skin looks more sculpted, lifted, and buoyant. It has a bounce and youthful glow that sticks around all day long.

Stage N05

Learning to slow down.

Doing gua sha first thing in the morning is for many the answer to ensure it would happen – instead of at the end of the day. But you choose when it suits you and fits into your skincare routine. The idea is to slow down, have a moment of meditation to start the day with an intention. Make sure you breath with each stroke and take these strokes slowly. No rush. And it takes practice. As we are in such a rush all day long, every day that we need to re-learn how to slow down and take slow movements. Getting over that go-go-go mentality was, it probably what you and what we all need to feel re-energised again.

So how do you keep at it?

Here is a a three-step guide to start (and continue) your Gua Sha practice.

If you’re starting your own gua sha practice, here are three tips for making the most of your facial gua sha:

1. Create a routine.

As with anything, one needs a routine and develop a routine. As mentioned above, start by picking a time of day that works for you. Some might say morning, some prefer to build it into their evening skincare. Choose the time that you stick with.

2. One step at a time.

Start slow. You don’t run a marathon on day one. You actually never run a marathon before the day of the actual marathon. So don’t go too hard and listen to your skin. This means, if you notice breakouts or anything starting to come to the surface, don’t stop the gua sha—focus on the neck work until your face starts to calm down. Many beauticians give you a neck and shoulder massage for a reason. It not only feels good but often it unblocks the problem when starting from the neck. And it is often and overlooked part of the gua sha practice. Although it is my favourite part of the entire practice.

3. Listen.

If you are already having an awareness of your body, you will start to create an awareness of your face and how you hold your face throughout the day. One of the most important parts of a facial massage routine is self-awareness. When you feel yourself tense up, take a moment to pause and breath.

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