How to read the Packaging Label

The list of ingredients on beauty products read like a language test at best of times, requiring a dictionary or MSc in Chemistry / Biology to decipher unpronounceable words. It can be daunting but we think it’s important to know or develop an understanding of the ingredients present in the products you’re using daily. In the beauty industry, we refer to this list as International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients or INCI for short.

Many of us are genuinely interested in seeking botanical ingredients but have no idea what is found in nature vs what is synthetically created. After all, many plant components can be created in the lab and are used entirely to produce skincare and cosmetic products or added to them. Many popular brands claim to be natural yet have very few botanicals or plant extracts and are instead packed with questionable ingredients.

At Naya we are passionate about natural skincare and make absolutely certain that the ingredients we use are natural bioactive ingredients that provide your skin with the daily dose of nutrients it needs to support healthy production and recovery of skin cells. And we are dead serious about our Free From policy. We work directly with local farmers in South America and a highly reputable Green formulator, and have safety assessment certifications for all our products, which all reputable brands must have before launching a product in Germany. 

We want to empower you to feel confident in reading labels and understand what it all means. For a start, we’ve created a guide to help you read our label and to know what to look out for. Take it further by going to the Environmental Working Group where you can type in the names of ingredients that you are not familiar with and learn more about them. It’ll be worth the effort.

Below is our INCI list. Give it a go and identify all the botanical sounding names. If you have any questions, get in touch with us.